Real Friends “The Home Inside My Head” Album Review

I’m going to be listening to the new Real Friends album that I have been looking forward to very much and writing what I think about each track…

1.Stay In One Place

Apart from the opening riff there isn’t that much going on in the album’s opener… with Dan’s vocals being ok and no memorable lines in his lyrics I am disappointed in this song… it lacks the sing along quality that songs like “Floorboards” had.

2.Empty Picture Frames

Again the music is it’s self good (but that’s not saying much… pop-punk is like pizza and sex. Even when it’s Bad it’s good) but I’m really disappointed in Dan’s lyrics… again there isn’t a sing along or anything in this song… except the one or two times he goes “whooaa haa oooh” but besides that nothing… if I’m being honest I think the expectations for them were so high and this album so far is disappointing

3. Keep Lying To Me

I finally get something good from Dan… with “I feel better when I’m alone” which I know will be tattooed on a pop-punk kid by the time Warped Tour comes around. And I like the “keep lying next to me” in the chorus since the title misuses lying it should be lieing but anyway at least there was a few lyrics that stood out to me

4. Scared To Be Alone

I think I finally found the 1st song on the album that I like… the music is good, Dan shows some real vocal range and with lines like “your scared to be alone” “I pictured things being different” and “I care too much while you don’t even care at all”… this song finally broke through the generic pop punk sound of the album so far and makes clear what sets Real Friends apart from other acts of the genre… the lyrics and angst that I feel from this song puts me right back to dealing with my first break up

5. Mokena

This is the song I’ve been waiting for ever since they put out Hebron with lyrics that mention graduating high school and the somber guitars die down for Dan to scream “I’m fucking up and getting over it!” and then a whole verse of telling a story from the first person perspective about driving home from Cleveland and punching the steering wheel with his hands smelling like smoke and getting closer to the streets that made him feel alone… this is what I wanted from a Real Friends song and damn did they deliver

6. Mess

I like this song even more because it’s finally combined the pop punk sound with the amazing lyrics of Dan “The patience I once had is running away with my youth” and “don’t need to be perfect, just happy” Yes! Thank you Dan for giving me another anthem to sing outloud while I’m in the shower or by self listening to this song again and again like I’m going to do… I knew this band wouldn’t dissapoint me.

7. Isolated Everything

Besides the obviously 90’s alt rock influenced opening riff… this song seems like filler just to have an excuse to put out a full length… there is nothing here… I listened to the whole song and this is all I have to say about it… not sure what that says about me or the song but it’s the truth.

8. Well, I’m Sorry

This song starts off with Dan basically talking over slight strums of the guitar “I can’t fix everything around me. I can’t make everybody happy… and it’ll be okay!” Then the song really kicks in and jumps off… I really liked how this song started off and I like where it goes… into a very pop-punk verse with it concluding with the line “I just want to be worth your time” after this they put the bass line in the front of the song which I love.

9. Basement Stairs

I love how this song starts out with Dan painting a picture of sitting on a couch listening to sad songs. I love the simplicity in his lyrics but yet they’re so descriptive and really paint a picture in your head. I like the repeated line “We can never go back…” followed by a scenario from any suburban kids childhood. Another excellently written song in regards to the lyrics

10. Door Without A Key

Here is a song that I like musically but not lyrically which is strange for a Real Friends song… the into guitars have a great sound to them and the riffs are really enjoyable but Dan’s lyrics seem to have been forgotten in this song… he tries to angst it up by using “fuck” once or twice but I feel as though he fell really short on this song which bums me out since I really enjoy it musically… except for the line “I see my self as a locking door without a key” which I like

11. Eastwick

Right from the start I love this song… the acoustic guitar is such a pleasant sound to hear after 40 minutes of electric guitars playing power chords. And Dan’s voice is very well suited for acoustic songs. There isn’t many one liners in this song. Instead Dan shows his excellence at writing thoughtful lyrics as a whole and not just a few good lines… this song tells a tale

12. Cold Quicker

I like how this song transition from the verse to the chorus “my hands are numb because it’s… getting colder quicker” and it goes from single guitar strings to boom drums and chords.

Now compared to their first EP “Three Songs About The Last Year Of My Life” there is no comparison… those three songs are amazing because they had their entire life to write them… but this album was an enjoyable listen but if people are being introduced to then I suggest looking into their older stuff… I give this album a 7/10… it’s good but nothing amazing but I bet a bunch of Real Friends tattoos are going to on display this summer at Warped Tour

If you want to buy a copy of this album please click the link below…



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