6/12/16 My Destiny report


I’m going to be writing a run down on my daily video game sessions… today I’m playing Destiny trying to get the Platinum Trophy for it. I start the day as my main character a level 40 Hunter with a light level of 333. I go to the Tower to get the daily bounties. I’m not going to go into detail on the vanguard bounties because there really isn’t anything to write about them… either I do them or I don’t… I’m going to use this as a platform to write about my Crucible experiences because it’ll give me something to report on

Match 1: Rumble on the Anamoly the Moon
I’m torn because I hate Rumble but it’s the only game mode that I haven’t won 25 times for the grimorie card so I should be playing it a lot… but I’m not confident enough in my pvp skills to hold my own without a team… anyway I’m playing this mode because it’s the daily playlist and along with that are two bounties that need to be completed I activated a Three Of Coins which makes it possible for an exotic engram to drop… I’m also going to be playing as a Nightstalker which I normally don’t do in PVP but there is a bounty for using Shadowshot so that’s that…l started out in the middle of a match and disappointingly went 2 for 4 with a K/D ratio of .4, and no exotic drop… so it’s whatever my first match of the day wasn’t even a full game.

Match 2: Rumble on The Burning Shrine, Venus

I did much better this full round going 18/14 with a K/D ratio of 1.29 however I came in third and didn’t receive any loot on the bright side I leveled up my standing in the Crucible faction though so I have something waiting for me at the Tower the next time I go

Match 3: Rumble on Bannerfall, Earth

As I played with a Bladedancer what I like to play as in pvp, with a last second grenade kill the winner of the match was… ME going 14/11 with a K/D ratio of 1.27… I claimed my second ever Rumble victory… and it feels so sweet

Match 4: Rumble on The Burning Shrine, Venus

I activated a 3OC and it paid off with an exotic heavy weapon engram… and that was the only highlight of this match… I hate this map and went 8/18 with a K/D ratio of .44. How quickly things can change in the Crucible

Match 5: Rumble on Vertigo Venus

I did better than the last game going 12/13 with a K/D ratio of .92 and I spent a lot of that game trying to snipe

Match 6: Rusted Lands, Earth

This is my last game in this post and I sucked going 9/20 with a K/D ratio of .45 and I can blame it on trying to use my sniper rifle because from what I hear all of the Trials of Osiris is using a sniper rifle so I’m trying to get good at it but it’s a long process I suppose anyway it’s back to the Tower to collect my Crucible reward and also to decode my exotic engram

For reaching level 34 reputation in the Crucible I received 4 Strange Coins, 4 Motes of light and a 330 chest piece on top of maxing out my Legendary marks at 200…
And my heavy exotic engram was a Thunderlord an exotic I already have gotten so no grimorie score bump for it so I put both the 335 Thunderlord and the 330 chest armor in the Vault to be used or infused on one of my other characters

This concludes my run down of what I did in Destiny today..  if you enjoyed it please leave a comment below and be sure to check out what I do tomorrow when I have a lot more time to play!

Take it easy,



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