Mass Shooting in Orlando


Another tragedy in America caused by our great 2nd Amendment… an individual opened fire in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida which is a gay nightclub and he shot at least 20 people killing them and injuring 42.(These were the numbers at the time I was writing this the up dated number is further in the post) Now he has been identified as Omar Mateen a 29 or 30 year old man, an American citizen who has Islamic leanings according to the FBI… so now we are going to have Donald Trump saying he is going to ban all Muslims from entering the country even though Mateen was an American citizen… and I bet he jumps at the opportunity to hitch his bandwagon to this just because he was a follower of Islam even though his victims were gay… he was shot and killed by the SWAT team that breached the night club after he took hostages… all of this that I’m reporting on is on MSNBC and CNN so I’m not breaking news here just giving my opinion on what happened… and in my opinion this is a national disgrace… the fact that the NRA and the gun lobby has made the sale and purchase of these semi-automatic rifles which are designed solely for the purpose of killing as many people as quickly as possible and trying to defend it as a “right”… it makes me sick that scenarios like this are common place in America today.

I can’t wait for Joe Jones to make a video about this. He is a right wing conspiracy nut who thinks all of these mass shootings are faked and never happen going back to Newton the most infamous mass shooting in American history. I don’t know if he will though since these victims are gay or transgendered. So these people don’t matter to the right. All 320 people who were in the club don’t matter to conservatives as Donald Trump tweeted at 8am “Really bad shooting in Orlando” no sign of remorse or compassion in anything he tweeted out about this.

The press conference is underway right now… the official death count is 50 and 53 injured. If this is true that means that this is the deadliest mass shooting in American history. The night club has been cleared and is declared safe. The SWAT team saved 30 people who were being held hostage by the gunman. The next news conference is going to be at 1:30

This makes me sick that a single man shot in total, if all injuries are gun shot related, 103 people. This means he was able to discharge (at least) 103 rounds easily and quickly. These guns have no functional purpose in our society except to do this. We need to ban assault weapons and if you want on, join the fucking Army or the Marines, and stop pretending to be a bad ass with an AR-15 strapped on your back in Kroger’s…



2 thoughts on “Mass Shooting in Orlando

    • Agreed but if nothing could have gotten done after Sandy Hook where little kids were filled with bullets… I doubt 49 LGBT people will be the catalyst for change… the NRA owns our legislature and all they care about is gun sales


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