My Destiny Report 6/13/16


Again I’m not going to get in depth in regards to the Vanguard bounties this is more of a Crucible review or if I ever run a raid it will be featured. Unless otherwise noted these will always be with my Hunter

After trying my best to get a fireteam together for a bounty… I got one person to join in and I decided to play Salvage instead of Skirmish first because I have maxed out my legendary marks so I need to return to the Tower and spend some of them before playing the Daily Playlist


Match 1- Salvage on Vertigo, Mercury

I activated a 3OC for this match.  I deployed two relics in this last second defeat. And ended up with the highest score for my team. I had 14 kills and a K/D ratio of .88  I didn’t receive an exotic engram but I still have 141 3OC so the exotic engrams will come…

Match 2- Salvage on The Timekeeper, Mars

We won a pretty lopsided victory in this game. I finished with 11 kills, 2 deploys and 1 cancel. We also shut out the other team meaning that they salvaged no relics my fireteam member noreh9 has been a huge help because I have a bounty where I need to play 3 matches in a fireteam.

Match 3- Salvage on Vertigo, Mercury
I activated a 3OC for this match. No engram but we were demolished this round and I played like shit only 3 kills and 2 deploys… I can’t explain why I sucked so hard that round I did reach level 30 for New Monarchy though so even in defeat there is something good that came out of it.

I’m on my way back to the Tower now to spend some Legendary Marks and collect my New Monarchy reward.


For level 30 I got a 330 chest piece which is going into the vault and 4 Strange coins and motes of light. And now it’s back to the Crucible


Match 4- Skirmish on Black Shield. Phobos

We lost a close game at the last second… I went 6 for 16 so it’s mostly my fault that we lost… idk why but some games I just suck I think it’s because I’m running with the Red Death Pulse rifle and I’m accustomed to using an auto rifle… I’m going to blame it on that

Match 5- Skirmish on Thieve’s Den , Venus

I activated a 3OC for this game and we won but no exotic engram. I was disappointing again, going 7 for 11 with a K/D ratio of .68. We did win however with is always a good thing. Plus I think most of my crucible bounties are done for the day.

Match 6- Skirmish on Black Shield, Phobos

I am the highest light level on Bravo team. I normally don’t do this but DarkPhoenix026 is kicking so much ass I’m sending him a Friend Request he went 21 and 5 and carried us to victory. I went 8 for 11 sub-par has been the norm for today so far

Match 7- Skirmish on Sector 618, Earth
I activated another 3OC this match… still haven’t gotten an exotic yet today. I’ve decided to join up with DarkPhoenix026 in his fireteam to increase my win/loss ratio if he doesn’t boot me for sucking too bad. I of course sucked this game also going 4 for 5 but we won again thanks to DarkPhoenix026 going 21 and 7

Match 8- Skirmish on Black Shield, Phobos
I activated a 3OC before the match started this time let’s see if it works better now. Another victory and no exotic engram… I went 7 for 14 and my new friend went 22 and 12… I want to be as good as he is… he isn’t in a clan so I might suggest that we recruit him because he hasn’t had less than 20 kills in every game we’ve played and this is in skirmish.

Match 9- Skirmish on Shores of Time, Venus
No 3OC activated this time. Another win I did somewhat better going 9 for 11 but still disappointing. I really like this person DarkPhoenix026 he is so good and hasn’t gotten on me for sucking

Match 10- Skirmish on Bannerfall, Earth
3OC activated and I don’t think I’m going to get the 3 rapid kills while playing Skirmish but I don’t want to leave DarkPhoenix026.. of course I have to leave because of my Physical Therapy appointment so this match is a wipe

Match 11- Rift on Pantheon, Mars
3OC is still active since I had to bail on the last game that I was playing. We won and I came so close to completing the bounty but I was killed mid Arc Blade… I did get an exotic chest engram though. I had 9 kills and a K/D ratio of .64

Match 12- Rift on Bannerfall, Earth
I really like this map so we’ll see how this game goes. We lost badly and I had 9 kills with a K/D ratio of .6. I also carried the spark 2 but failed to ignite the rift.

It’s time to go back to the Tower and see what exotic chest piece I have in the engram… and turn in my crucible bounties and it was a piece that I already have so it’s going to be dismantled for the exotic shard it has.

And this completes my Destiny daily run down… it included an exotic chest piece, leveling up my New Monarchy reputation and 8 wins out of 11 total games… not to bad of a day in my opinion



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