My COD Black Ops 3 run down 6/14/16


So the Destiny servers are down so it looks like I’m going to be playing Black Ops 3 for a bit…

This game has always intrigued me but I never really got into playing it online because of the steep learning curve that comes along with it… but I’m going to try to reach Level 10 online for the trophy today and forgo the Zombie game mode that I’ve played a lot of recently

Match 1- Domination on Fringe

I like this game mode the most because it’s not all focused on killing there are objectives… we were beaten badly 200-51 and I expectedly did poorly going 3 for 18. Which is how most of my games are going to go since I don’t play this game that much.

Match 2- Domination on Evac

We lost again and mostly because of me because I went 3 for 35. If I played this game everyday I would be embarrassed by this stat line. But yet I’m only playing it because the Destiny servers are down and I’m okay with not being good at this game. Because I’ve found the people that are good at COD are usually douchebags

Match 3- Domination on Havoc
We lost again and I went 3 for 21 so it appears that I’m only good for 3 kills a game… I hope the Destiny
servers are back up soon… so I can enjoy my game playing time of the day

Match 4- Domination on Exodus
I did reach Lance Corporal in this round which is Level 5 so that was pretty cool. We lost again but I’m starting to get the feel of the controls a little bit more and understanding how the game mechanics work. I went 5 for 19 and now the lobby is filled with low ranking people like me.

Match 5- Domination on Hunted
We lost again and it just occurred to me that I’ve never won a game in this game yet. But I can’t blame my self for the game starting out match with 2 vs 2 teams.

I’m going to take a break from the PVP content and try to play Zombies for a bit. Hopefully by the time I finish this game the Destiny servers will be up and running.

Zombies on Shadow of Evil-
We only survived for 5 rounds so it appears that I’m not just bad at PVP but also in PVE as well


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