My Destiny Report 6/14/16


I’m waiting for the update to download which is taking forever because it’s still preparing to download and it’s a 63% of that and I’m going to pause it and restart it shortly because this is taking far too long for a PS4 that is wired into the FIOS router. It’s strange because my test connection speed was 100 MBps yet it’s dragging ass downloading a 13 GB update to the point where it hasn’t even started to download it yet.


And after waiting for it to download… the servers are still offline!!!


So this is my Destiny update… I waited for over 40 minutes to download something just to find out that the servers are still off line. I can’t wait around all day just to play a video game and Bungie has really ticked me off today.

After waiting for an ungodly amount of time the servers are finally up and I’m able to play the game… I’m doing the Vanguard bounties which can mostly be done on the Cosmodrome. Except the kill 50 Cabal which can only be done on Mars or the Dreadnought; I’m going to do this on the Dreadnought. After I completed the Armor Breaker bounty I decided to run through some of my Runes in the Court of Oryx. I used a reciprocal rune to summon Vorlog the hive knight which just has multiple shields you have to get through to kill him. I presented another one to summon Lokaar which was easily defeated. I used another one to summon Krughor the orger that has s shield up until a cursed thrall is killed next to him. He was defeated easily. I used another one to summon the two knights whose shields weaken when they’re close to each other and they were defeated easily but as I completed the vanguard bounties I ranked up with that faction to level 24 so it’s back to the Tower to see what Cayde has for me.


And for ranking up with the Vanguard I was gifted 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light, a legendary ship and a 330 Not Like The Others scout rifle. And with all of the Vanguard bounties completed it’s time to focus on the Crucible

Match 1- Rumble on The Drifter. The Reef

I didn’t fair too well until I went on a 5 kill streak after picking up the Heavy Ammo drop. I went 11 for 14 and I owe a lot of those kills for getting the heavy ammo drop. I completed one of my crucible bounties as well. Killing 7 players in the Rumble play list

Match 2- Rumble on The Timekeeper, Mars
I lost but I went 18 and 15 and came in 2nd place… earning the Distinguished Rumbler bounty as well Bullet Grouping Expert Bounty. I also leveled up in the Crucible to rank 35

Match 3- Rift on Cathedral of Dusk, the Dreadnought
I’m playing Rift because the weekly bounty from Shaxx has Rift as one of the game modes I need to win in. I activated a 3OC for this match. And we won but no exotic engram dropped. I had 14 kills and completed the bounty for 3 matches with 6 pulse rifle kills.

And now I’m on my back to the Tower to see Lord Shaxx to receive my reward for leveling up in the Crucible.


And I got a pair of 330 boots that are going into the vault I also ranked up with Cryptarch but didn’t get anything good for reaching rank 36


And that’s wraps up NY day of playing Destiny although it was short because of Scumbag Bungie


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