Destiny 6/15/16


Okay so now I’m going to be talking and my cell phone is recording me on Google Voice as I play so hopefully this will make it easier to do and I’ll be able to get more in-depth the Vanguard bounties as well as have more detail in my Crucible matches.


So I’m starting on Mars because most of the Vanguard bounties that I have can be completed on Mars besides the one where I have to kill 10 Hive majors. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to try to kill Vex because of the gunsmith bounties that I have then after that I’m going to focus on cabal because I need to kill 50 of them for a bounty and then after that I’m going to be focusing on getting solar ability kills and then void ability kills. After I finished killing and and acquiring resources on Mars I decided to hang around the first spawn area because the taken have started coming in but we did we didn’t kill enough of the majors spawn the taken champion so now I’m going to continue to kill vex with my hand Cannon for the armsday bounty and kill and cabal with my solar grenades. I’m going to go to the cosmodrome on Earth because after I finish the armor breaker Bounty I have to kill fallen and Fallen captains with certain weapons for the gunsmith and it’s easier to do it on Earth than any other place after completing a public event more taken have shown up so now I’m going to try to kill them and their captains to draw out of their major this time we were successful and drawing out the champion which was a blighted descendant. We were successful in defeating him and I received a reciprocal rune for it. At Freehold station I was able to summon another blighted descendant assisted in defeating him but I was not rewarded with anything so now that I finished the armor breaker Bounty I’m going to go to the cosmodrome.


Here on the Cosmodrome I’m going to complete my two arms day bounties which include killing Fallen and killing Fallen captains after that I’m going to go to the Moon and replay the Sword Of Crota mission over and over again killing Hive Majors which is my last remaining Vanguard bounty. To grind out my Fallen captains I have to kill with my sniper rifle I’m simply killing the one on the way to the Skywatch in the Mothyards and then hopping on my sparrow and going to the Forgotten Shore on my way to the Forgotten Shore, a warsat dropped so now I’m in the public event of defending the warsat with two other people it was completed so I got the three gold stars and a gold rating for the public event the only gunsmith quests I have left to do is use a rocket launcher in The Crucible I finished the rest of the weekly gunsmith bounties as well as upgrading my reputation to 10 with him so I have to wait to see what my reward is. But first I need to kill 10 Hive Majors which I’m going to do on the Moon in the mission The Sword Of Crota which has at least 4 majors in it. I’m going to be repeating this mission until I get the bounty completed.


After I completed the Hive major bounty I’m heading back to the Tower to collect my gunsmith reward and to start my Crucible bounties


The gunsmith gave me an emblem, 500 glimmer and a 330 hand cannon which is going into the vault


Now I’m going to start on my Crucible bounties

Match 1- Skirmish on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I really like this map because it has areas separated by doors. I had one guardian down and I was trying to lure the other ones to revive him but I guess the other guy had better aim I double killed two of them with the Scout rifle the other with a grenade I finally completed the bounty fot killing two people with one Golden Gun activation and now this match is just about getting my Scout rifle kills it’s not about winning since its 3 on 2. We lost badly. I did however complete the Featured Matches bounty.

I just had an opportunity to join some people in the Challenge of Elders so I’m going to do that and hold of on the crucible for a bit.


I have 3 bounties to do in the challenge of Elders they include creating orbs of light getting grenade kills and kill enemies and of course I’m just starting off a scorecard and I need to get a high score of 30,000 in the Challenge of Elders and also a total score of 90,000. This first round is versus Kesis the Betrayed. We completed the first round with a score of 2930 which is really low so we have to make it up in the next round. This round is Against Val Aru’run. I don’t like saying this but the people I’m playing with just don’t understand the basic concept of attacking one thing with a certain power (meaning void, arc, or solar) it looks like we finally understood how the hell the game works we are doing very poorly so I doubt that we’re going to get the high score in this game. The next round is a taken Hydra I don’t believe that there’s any certain kind of attack pattern that we need to have. Okay so now we finally decided to play with microphones so we can talk to each other I think we’ve decided to play again since we since we didn’t get the high score

After that poor game in the challenge of Elders we ran a strike which is was the one where you have to kill a shank that infiltrated Rasputin’s bunker now since the one guy left I am going to continue on doing the Crucible bounties


Match 2- Control on Twilight Gap, Earth

I’m on Alpha team the reason I’m playing control is because of a bounty that I have I have to finish in the top 3 players on a 6 on 6 mat h as well as getting at least six Scout rifle kills possibly 9 and I have to win a control match as part of one of the weekly bounties I did win but played sub pad with 10 kills and 5 captures and a K/D ratio of .52

Match 3- Clash on The Moon
I started in the middle of this match so I’m not sure what map I’m on on the moon I just know that I’m on there and I started on the losing team so this should be fun. I need to get at least 6 Scout rifle kills, and a precision throwing knife kill and to come in the top three on my team we lost this battle but I’m not going to comment on my kill to death ratio since I’ve since I joined the game mid mid match

Match 4- Clash on the Timekeeper, Mars
At least this time I’m starting a brand new match on Alpha team… and not only did we win, I got the 9 kills with a scout rifle bounty and I think I had a positive k/d ratio in that one.

Match 5- Skirmish on Black Shield, Phobos

Me and Cinamatic held it down in that round going at least 10 kills each and finishing one and two on our team. We won.

Match 6- Skirmish on The Timekeeper

Me and Cinamatic again on alpha team and we pulled a come from behind win thanks to me and my 6 kill streak and going 10 for 17. And  now all I have left to do for the weeklies is 10 Hand Cannon kills and 10 Auto Rifle kills.

I played matches after this one and completed all of my crucible bounties and weekly bounties… I couldn’t keep a record of the matches because my phone was charging and I wasn’t able to sit next to it while it was charging. I hope that you guys enjoy this blog more since I was able to talk and describe what I was doing.



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