Destiny 6/16/16


So I’m starting off at the Tower because I have a New Monarchy rep gift to claim as well a Crucible rep gift to claim.


For reaching level 31 with New Monarchy I was gifted with 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a 330 shotgun. The shotgun is going into the vault. And now I’m going to claim all of my Crucible bounties and that should get me to level 36 with them.

For reaching 36 I was gifted 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and 330 gloves which will also be going into the Vault

All of my Vanguard Bounties can be completed on the Moon so that is where I am going to start my day.


One of my bounties is to generate orbs of light so I’m going to be playing as a nightstalker playing on the moon it has sn advantage for my Vanguard bounties. I have to kill 50 Fallen and kill 10 Hive majors which can both be done on patrol in the on the moon. My first Patrol mission is to collect an item from Fallen Dregs and while I was playing a warsat dropped in on my position so now I’m going to join the public event of defending the warsat this should give me give me my 50 Fallen kills rather easily. Along with two other Guardians we successfully transmitted the warsat and were rewarded with a 3 gold star tier on completing the public event I’m now going to farm my hive Major kills by going through the building with the Dome on it to the to the Temple of Crota which always spawns two Hive Majors. In between farming the knights I accepted a mission to kill a high-value Target which happens to be a hive ogre which means that he will be a major. I used my shadow shot on the ogre to kill him. I made my way back to The Tempo entrance to farm the Hive Majors. As I was killing the two Hive Major Knights I completed the generating 20 orbs of light bounty which means I’m going to switch from a nightstalker to a blade dancer so the bladedancer can get the 30 super kills much more quickly. I’ve accepted another high-value Target quest which is a hive wizard which is good for me. On my way out of the Temple of crota after killing the hive wizard I intercepted a transmission which means I have three specific actions to do and the first one is getting Precision kills. The second objective was to dance so I did that and now another warsat has dropped and I’m on my way there to start the public event. It appears that the last mission is to gather materials which I will do after after the public event is over. I got a 3-tier gold rating and completed that by myself. I accepted another easy Patrol Mission which is just to kill enemies while I’m trying to find my way back to the farm spot. Now I only need one super kill to complete the bounty so I’m going to accept the harvesting mission. The Patrol mission is to harvest induction rods from Fallen Vandals. After I completed that mission I also completed the 30 super kill bounties so now I’m returning to orbit and I’m going to start playing The Crucible for today


Match 1- Clash on Black Shield, Phobos

I’ve started on Bravo Team on this map. The thing is with this map in clash there’s no real strategy to use it since there’s no objective but in Control it’s all about controlling the outside the inside doesn’t matter at all. Alpha picked up both both of the heavy weapons which is not good. The other team had the best player in the match I did well enough and my team did well enough to win I ended with 21 kills and 15 deaths of getting me a K/D ratio of 1.4

I’m trying to get a fireteam together for a bounty where both of us need to finish in the top three of our team on a 6 on 6 match.Even with being a part of one clan and friends with another one and using the 100 app I’m getting no where with finding a fireteam. This sucks because I’ve been trying to be sociable in the gaming community but even with all the friends that I have made its still rough to find a fireteam sometimes. I even posted in both of the Destiny PS4 groups on Facebook I am in so we will see what happens.

Match 3- Control on Pantheon, Mars
I finally found somebody to be a part of my fireteam and we’re playing control because it’s the easiest one to get a high score on. Right now he’s doing a lot better than me. We have C but we just cannot take control of B. We lost my teammate was amazing with 33 kills and a K/D ratio of 2.06. I had eight kills. I did however end up with an exotic engram

Match 4- Control on Vertigo
Although my fireteam mate destroyed the last round, I did not place in the top three therefore we have to play another match; the bounty needs both of us to finish in the top three. We did awesome that round he finished first and I came in second I finished with 15 kills and seven captures.

Match 5- Inferno 6v6 on Widow’s Court, Earth

The reason I’m playing Inferno is because it’s the weekly Match which gives legendary marks as well as Sterling Treasury. The match was control and I ended with 10 kills and nine captures. Although we lost I did receive a sterling treasure but I did not receive the legendary marks

Match 6- Inferno 6v6 on Shores of Time, Venus
This will be my last match for for a while since I have a physical therapy appointment that I need to get ready for it and I don’t know if I’ll be able to play again today or tonight. I’m on Bravo and I’m doing the best out of everybody right now this is a very close game with the lead going back and forth every second. We ended up losing and again. I did not receive the legendary marks. I finished with 13 kills and 13 deaths with an equal kill death ratio of 1.0

And this wraps up my daily Destiny play through if you liked it please follow my blog and add me on PSN inhumANthropoid. If you are interested in buying the newest Destiny expansion pack please click the link below to purchase The Lords Of Iron



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