Senator Forces Vote On Gun Control Measures


Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) has done something that has been done before, he filibustered. For 15 hours he did not yield the floor of the Senate until the Republican held Senate agreed to hold two votes which focuses on guns, not to allow people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list to buy a gun and to close the gun show loophole which allows people to sell to individuals who have not had to submit to a background check. The reason is because they are individual sellers selling to an individual meaning that they aren’t a business and it’s a private sale. Both of these votes are coming on the heels of the worst mass shooting attack in American history. He showed a picture of a victim of the Sandy Hook, Dylan Hockley and told the story of how his Special Education Advisor stepped in front of him and held him while Adam Lanza shot and killed both of them and then yielded the Senate floor after 15 hours.


And if Republicans are smart they will actually enact these policies since its a topic that has universal support. Because even if little kids dying in Sandy Hook didn’t make them act an attack on the LGBTQ community should. Why? Simple.

Because the LGBTQ community votes.

And right now Hillary Clinton is crushing Trump 4-1 in a survey of LGBTQ community. And if the Republicans think they can twiddle their thumbs and hope that this news story goes away in the next news cycle they are wrong. The LGBTQ community has been a well organized movement since the Stonewall Riots of 1969. They have their own lobbying groups. And they have hundreds of thousands of supporters who are angry and sick of the violence and homophobia through bathroom bills being passed in state legislatures. And if the Republicans sit on their hands and don’t do anything in response to these murders… they already will face a tough re election fight with Trump on the ticket now you add a “No” vote on gun control measures after the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 they can kiss their offices good bye. So I applaud Sen. Chris Murphy for fighting the indifference in Washington and forcing a vote on what could be game changers in our country and will be the first national gun control legislation that has been written in over 40 years. And if you don’t think it will happen, guess what? Same sex marriage is the law of the land now… and that took decades of fighting and it had to eventually go in front of the Supreme Court… but they fought it and won. Now the LGBTQ community has something new to fight for besides bathroom laws. And if I was a betting man I’d put my money on them



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