Destiny 6/17/16

So I started today with a bunch of engrams to get decoded by Master Rahool and I leveled up my standing with the Cryptarchs. I’m now at 37 with them on my main which is a hunter.

After that it was time to get all of bounties and start going through them. And to also go to the Reef to get all of the Taken bounties from Petra.

All of these besides the specific Taken champion to kill can be completed on Venus as well as all of my vanguard bounties can be completed on Venus, besides the killing of 10 Hive Majors. I will farm them on the Sword of Crota mission on the Moon later. But for now I made my way to the Ishtar Cliffs on Venus

So I’m going to be going back and forth from the Ember Caves, the Shattered Coast and the Ishtar Commons because these are three areas where Taken appear and one of my bounties is to kill 10 Taken Majors

As I was on the Shattered Coast I accepted a patrol Mission which is just to kill enemies and I also benefited on the timing because there are Taken lieutenants popping up on the Shattered Coast. I however did not successfully lure out the Taken Ultra in this area. I accepted a Harvest Patrol Mission and moved on to the Ishtar Commons

After I got here there were not any taken so I’m going so I’m going to be doing the Patrol missions that are available here in the Commons and wait for them to spawn again. After going back and forth between the Commons in the Academy I finally caught the Taken and now I’ve summoned Sho’orouth, however we were not successful in defeating him before the Taken corruption subsided. Now it’s back to the Shattered Coast.

Upon arriving in the Shattered Coast I killed one Taken lieutenant which was enough to summon the taken zealot. After defeating Grayonis, the Baroness on Venus I returned to orbit and went to the Cosomodrome to hunt Darnu, the Horn of Oryx. Who can be found in the Divide.

Upon arriving I accepted a patrol mission to kill enemies. And I completed it on my way to the the Divide to camp to wait for the Taken to arrive. While I was waiting for the Taken to spawn a public event started in which we have to destroy a Fallen Walker. Guardians were camping waiting for the Taken to arrive and The Walker was killed in a matter of minutes. A few minutes later that the Taken arrived and after successfully killing all of the lieutenants we drew out Darnu and when you have 4 guardians all attacking one Taken Ultra it’s a very easy kill. Now I accepted a patrol mission which is to kill taken because I still have to kill a hundred of them for the bounty for the Queen.

Now that I’ve completed all of the Taken bounties it’s time that I went to moon to play the Sword of Crota mission 2 or 3 times.

After I did this I spent sometime on apps and Facebook trying to find a Fireteam to do the Challenge of Elders with me… since it’s Friday and I’ve only gone through it once this week.


I was able to get a fireteam together in the 100 app.  the first round was against Keksis the Betrayed. Although I’m constantly dying we did defeat him with a score of around 4,000 which is it wasn’t that bad but it could have been better now we’re starting round 2 which is where I had the problem last time because the people I was playing with didn’t understand the game mechanics of it hopefully this time will be better. This time went so much smoother where everybody was attacking the right person with the right power we ended the second round with a score of 12,000 which again isn’t great but it’s better than I was doing the last time. Unfortunately we didn’t get the high score but we came close to scoring 28,000

We are going to run it again in hopes of getting the high score and because we need to do it again and probably another time after this to get the cumulative score of 90,000

The rounds are all the same as before it goes Keksis, then Val Aru’run and finally the Seditious Mind. This time I’m going to try to not constantly die like last time. We did much better this time ending the round with 5000 points setting us up in a good position to hit the high score of 30000

We finish this round with 13000 point so I think it’ll be close but I think I think that we can complete the high score. While killing the Seditious Mind I had Three Of Coins activated and it dropped two Exotic engrams an exotic chest piece and an exotic heavy weapon but we scored 29860 so I have to do it again because the high score is 30000 and my fireteam bailed on me. So instead of trying to find another one I’m going to start on my Crucible bounties.


By the way the exotics that I got were both already owned by me at some point so no new grimorie cards..

Match 1- Rumble on The Cauldron, The Moon
I’m playing Rumble because it’s the daily match which is rewarded with legendary marks and plus I have two Crucible bounties what I need to kill seven people in one match as well as kill three people that were already damaged by another Guardian. I didn’t win but I did collect the legendary marks and I didn’t get the Mine! Bounty so I’m playing it again.

Match 2- Rumble on The Anamoly the Moon

All I need to do in this game is kill somebody who’s already been damaged by another Guardian I finished in third place and I did get the Bounty that I was going after. I finished with 15 kills

Match 3- Control on The Drifter. The Reef
I’m playing Control because it’s my favorite match and I also need one more heavy kill with a rocket launcher for a Gunsmith Bounty. We lost and I did poorly but at least I got my rocket launcher kill.

I joined up with a fireteam thinking that they were going to do the Challenge of Elders but instead we’re doing Skolas so I’m going to stick with them and play through this because I’ve always wanted to beat Skolas but I haven’t done it yet and with Skolas and we need to communicate so I’m going to be wearing my headset we got to Skolas but a fire team member left and since we can’t do it with just two people we decided to leave.

I’m joining in on a fireteam who is already in the Challenge of Elders. For joining in mid game I think we did okay but we still didn’t break 30,000 we had 26,000 so now my cumulative score is now over 90,000 but I still have to get the high score

I joined an event on the 100 app for Challenge of Elders it’s suppose to start at 5 but before that I have to claim a House Of Judgement reward for increasing my reputation with them to level 6


The reward for the weekly cumulative score was a pair of 335 gauntlets and for reaching rank 6 I got a 330 cloak

So now the only thing I need is the high score. And it’s now 5:05 and I’m in orbit with one guy who applied to the 100 app… And now we had a 3rd person join in but they didn’t understand that our score was too low to keep on going and they finished the first round with a score of 720.

So now I’m so aggravated I don’t even really want to play the game anymore.

Okay I think finally after all of the stress of trying to put together a fireteam I think we finally got one we’re going to start I joined this guy on the 100 app because he said he’s going to melee all the adds and then attack the main guy and his strategy seems to be working because we are at 3000 points already and we have another round or two of adds. We successfully defeated Keskis as well as racking up 7000 points in one round and I also got an exotic engram. We’re going into round 3 with 18000 points so I’m very confident in the fact that I’m going to get the high score finally. We finished with a score of 42000 so that is 12000 more than I needed

And for winning the high score I received a 335 fusion rifle which I infused into my Patience and Time Sniper Rifle. I also upgraded my ranking with the Cryptarchs to Level 38


And this wraps up my daily Destiny run down… I know I didn’t get to play a lot of Crucible today but I wanted to use the day I get to play the most to finish all of the weekly things. Follower me on Twitter and Instagram @inhumanthropoid if you are interested in buying the new Destiny expansion pack please click the link below to buy The Lords Of Iron



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