Destiny 6/20/2016



I’m starting off today with 12 Crucible bounties that I need to complete so I’m going to be spending a lot of time in The Crucible today so let’s get started


Match 1- Salvage on Vertigo, Mercury

This is my first Crucible match in a few days. After a member our team left were down three members to two and this is why we lost this round because of people quitting halfway through the match

Match 2- Salvage on The Dungeons, the Dreadnought

After getting embarrassed the last game I intend to do much better in this game. I personally did much better but however we still lost but I did receive an exotic engram so the match wasn’t a total waste.

Match 3- Salvage on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I’m having a problem with aiming and shooting because it seems like I’m aiming but I’m not hitting correctly. The only bounty I have left to do in the Salvage playlist is to win a match… so I hope that this will be the match that I win because I don’t like playing this game type that much unless I’m in a fireteam that is communicating. I however did not win.

Match 4- Salvage on Rusted Lands, Earth

I can’t wait until I finally win a match in this game type so I can stop playing it. Another thing I need to do is get a throwing knife precision kill so I can stop playing as a gunslinger. It appears that the team I’m playing is good at sniping which doesn’t bode well for me. This game is really starting to get on my nerves I lost again and didn’t do particularly well my self… this is 4 matches in a row that I’ve lost

Match 5- Salvage on Blind Watch, Mars

After what started off as a bad round we eventually came back and won and I’m glad that I don’t have to play in the Salvage playlist again today. After successfully completing the bounties that needed to be done in the playlist. Now it’s time to enter the playlist I dread the most, Rumble

Match 6- Rumble on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I lost but I did complete both of the bounties that I was going after. I went 6 for 12 which isn’t terrible but it’s not good… anyway now that the majority of my piled up Crucible bounties are done I’m on my way back to the Tower to get my Vanguard and Crucible bounties for today. As well as receive my reward for reaching level 37 in the crucible


For reaching level 37 I was gifted with a reputation booster and a pair of 330 boots.

And now it’s time to do my Vanguard bounties which include killing 50 Fallen, Vex and Cabal and also kills on the Moon so that is where I will start


Since none of these bounties require me to kill Majors or Ultras I’m going to just Patrol the Moon and I need to get the 50 Fallen kills as well as 20 melee kills without dying. I accepted a kill enemies Patrol mission. And completed it. The next Patrol Mission I accepted was a collection mission I need to collect fusion proxy drives from Fallen shanks After I completed that bounty, a warsat dropped from orbit. I successfully defended the warsat until it was transmitted. Now I need to kill 50 vex and 50 cabal meaning I’m going to Mars


Well on Mars I drew out a Taken Ultra in front of the Dust Palace I was successful in single-handedly taking it down.

A public event to eliminate the target has come up and although I’m the only Guardian around I’m going to try to do it. And I did it successfuly. Now I’m going to kill Vex until I get to 50 then I’m going to join someone’s party and see what he wants to do…

So we’re helping this guy get through prison of Elders because he’s a low light level but we couldn’t carry him through it so now I’m back to just myself and I’m going to go back to the Crucible because I still have bounties that need to be done.

Match 7- Control on Bannerfall, Earth

I’m in a fireteam for this game so let’s hope I get a win as well as 5 kills the without us dying and boy did we do well that game. I ended with 17 kills and a K/D ratio on 1.13 and DGMgeneral07 ended with 14 kills and 6 assists. I might actually get to play on my Warlock at this rate of completing bounties.

Match 8- Control on Firebase Delphi, Mars

I played like crap getting 8 kills and 4 captures… we actually lost a very close well fought game… but with a stat line like mine doesn’t help at all.

Match 9- Control on Firebase Delphi

I really don’t like this map that much for control… I didn’t get to zone B first but I did win my 3rd game of the day which was a bounty that I had and needed to get done.

Match 10- Control on The Drifter, The Reef

We lost that match but I did get to B first so that was good. Now all I have left to do is get 3 precision kills in one life… easier said than done.

Match 11- Control on Pantheon, Mars
I think this is going to be my last game, regardless if I get the Bounty complete or not because I’ve been playing all day and I’m frankly getting a little bored of it. We won and I had 21 kills and a K/D ratio of 1.26 so I did okay but I know that this bounty of 3 precision kills in one life is going to take a bit of luck in order to get done

And that was my Destiny run down… be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @inhumanthropoid

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