Destiny 6/22/16


I’m starting off in the Tower so I can get my Vanguard Bounties as well as my Gunsmith weapons

And with my Vanguard bounties all of them can be done on Earth so I’m going to go on Patrol in the Cosmodrome


Public event started in the mothyards to defeat extraction Crews so I joined in on it along with two other people. In the Skywatch we summoned the Taken zealot. We defeated him and I was rewarded with a reciprocal rune. After killing 50 hive I still need to defeat high-level targets with my rocket launcher so I’m going to be accepting high-value Target missions.


And now I joined a party to try and run the Vault of Glass raid… and I’m excited because I’ve never done this raid before and the clan I’m running with is called Sherpa School so I should be able to learn the raid. The first part we had to prevent Vex from from taking control of plates. Now we are in the phase where we have to defend the conflux from Vex entering them. Now we have to destroy the oracles that appear or else we are marked for negation which means we die instantly. Now we have to kill the Templar. We successfully defeated the Templar and I’m learning how to do this raid which is awesome. Now we’re learning how to do the Gorgon maze. Now we are at the main boss of the raid. Now I finished the Vault of Glass and although I don’t know how to do everything I am aware all of the basic way the Raid is run



And for reaching level 26 with the Vanguard I received a 324 cloak. And a reputation booster. Now I’m helping a guy on the Dreadnought collect Hadium Flakes as well as completing the Court of Oryx. And now we’ve been farming in the Court of Oryx for at least a half-hour which is okay because it doesn’t bother me because I’m at least getting Crota Bane reputation. We are now going back to the Tower in order to turn in all of engrams. After doing that I didn’t receive anything good or usable so it was all turned into weapon parts and armor materials. Now I’m going to the Reef to get the Taken Bounties for the week. As well as complete all of my gunsmith bounties.  We are going back to Cosmodrome to kill Iroxi in the Skywatch.  After we successfully killed him we went to Venus were I need to kill 12 Taken Majors. We’ve split up to try to let each other know when the taken have come in on a certain area on Venus but so far and at least the past 10 minutes or so they’ve only appeared on the Shattered Coast. I however am on the Ember caves we’re Taken have shown themselves. I successfully completed the Taken bounties now all I have to do is the CoE bounties then of course the weekly Crucible bounties. in the Challenge of Elders I need to get void kills and heavy weapon kills because the bounties are for killing enemies with a heavy weapon and void ability. This is so much easier than last week where the melee kills were the bonus points. So far popping a three of coins before every round has paid off because I have two exotic engrams and I went three for three with exotic engrams as well as getting the high score for the for the  Challenge of Elders. For getting the high score I got to 335 sidearm that I  infused into my already leveled up New Monarchy sidearm. On this playthrough I completed the two bounties that I needed to do for Variks and I would have completed the third one if I wasn’t booted mid game by the asshole who was the fireteam leader… although I did not play any crucible today I will be playing it first thing tomorrow because I have over 12 crucible bounties that I need to complete as well as the weekly crucible bounties…

And this is my all PVE Destiny play through. If you are interested in buying the new expansion pack please click the link below to order The Lords Of Iron



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