Destiny 6/23/16


I’m starting my day in the Tower were I reached rank 40 with the Cryptarch. And I freed up some space in my inventory by placing raid materials in the Vault. I accepted what Crucible bounties I could then went right to orbit to begin the process of knocking out these Crucible bounties

Match 1- Clash on Crossroads, Mars

I still have bounties from when clash was the daily playlist. I completed one of them but we lost preventing me from getting both bounties completed. We lost a close game losing by only 8 kills. Hopefully I’ll win this next match so I can stop playing Clash.

Match 2- Clash on Frontier, Earth
So I’m starting as a member of Alpha Team. I did well going 13 for 9 as well as getting a win. I’m still looking to get a Blink Strike kill from behind as well as getting the first kill in a game

I’ve joined a fireteam that I found on the 100 app to get grenade kills with them but I don’t think we are going to play a revive enabled playlist…

Match 3- Rift on Cathedral of Dusk, Dreadnought

I’m not sure why we’re playing Rift since you don’t get any grimore score but we are and at least we won. I led the team with 6 carries. However I did not ignite the rift.

Match 4- Rift on Pantheon, Mars
If I remember I like this map. Not sure about it on Rift. We lost badly issuing a mercy rule victory for the other team. I did however get an exotic engram and also got the Smoke kill bounty so it’s wasn’t all a waste.

Match 5- Rift on Vertigo, Mercury
“This map isn’t awful” if I may quote tlsutcliffe in his British accent. And it appears so since we won and I got an exotic engram as well.

Match 6- Rift on Vertigo, Mercury
I’m part of a 6 man fireteam and the majority of them are speaking with a British accent… and we lost because of one guy on the enemy team had a terrible connection so he was lagging really bad.

We are on our way back to the Tower and I have a Crucible and New Monarchy reward to claim


For reaching level 33 I was given 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a 330 Machine Gun.

We left the Tower before I got to go see Shax.

Now we are back in the Crucible


Match 7- Inferno 6v6 on Sector 618, Earth
After this game I’m going to leave this fireteam because I have bounties to do that don’t involve having 6 people on your fireteam. We lost but I got an exotic engram and a sterling treasure.

Now I’m going back to the Tower to get the weekly crucible bounties as well collect my reward for reaching level 33


For reaching level 33 I was given a reputation booster, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a 330 pair of boots which I put into the vault.

Match 8- Skirmish on Blind Watch, Mars
I’ve joined a fire team with two other people who are playing Skirmish because I have a bounty for fireteam revives. And I completed it. But we lost that game.

Match 9- Skirmish on The Anomaly, the Moon
Let’s hope that I can get my first win since I accepted the weekly win bounty from Shaxx. I however lost.

And now for my least favorite match mode… Rumble. And of course one of the bounties that I have is the hardest one to get… open the Heavy ammo drop in Rumble.

Match 10- Rumble on Memento, Earth

I did really well going 16 for 13 however I didn’t get 9 kills with an auto rifle… or get the win with 9 primary weapon kills but I did get my 1st of 7 wins for the week although I didn’t come in 1st I came in 2nd but a top 3 finish in Rumble seems to count as a win for the bounties at least, not for the grimorie score.

Match 11- Salvage on The Cauldron, the Moon
I’m playing Salvage because it’s the daily match type and I need points for the weekly bounty as well as kills while a probe is active and also claiming a probe. We lost and didn’t complete any of those bounties

Match 12- Salvage on The Dungeons. Dreadnought

We lost and I didn’t get 6 kills with an auto rifle although I did go 10 for 14 but we were shutout because we didn’t claim a single relic.

Match 13- Salvage on Twilight Gap, Earth

I won and even had a 5 kill streak. I finished the Weekly Matches bounty as well as getting 6 auto rifle kills so now I only need to 1 more match with 6 kills

Match 14- Clash on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I’m playing a clash match because it’s one of the three that I need to win for a weekly Bounty from Shaxx. I lost this match but I did go an even 14 for 14. And completed the matches with 6 auto rifle kills.

Match 15- Clash on Crossroads, Mars

I lost this game but I did get the 9 kills with an auto rifle bounty done. I went 13 for 17. And finished 2nd on my team but our team wasn’t all that good losing by more than 25 kills.

Match 16- Clash on Exodus Blue, Earth
I started this match already in progress on the winning team. Which is awesome since I need wins. However we ended up losing by only three kills so it didn’t pan out for me. It was a very close game.

Match 17- Clash on Pantheon, Mars
I’m not used to playing with a pulse rifle. I’m used to using an auto rifle but I need 9 kills with a pulse rifle in as well as 10 kills overall with a pulse rifle so I’m using the Red Death in this game. Just at the last second I got my ninth kill with with the pulse rifle and a victory as well as an exotic engram I went 11 for 14.

Match 18- Skirmish on Firebase Delphi

I joined this match halfway through and helped the team win by getting 5 kills row. All I have to do is win an elimination game and that will complete my weekly bounties from Shaxx

Match 19- Elimination on Vertigo, Mercury

This is the last match type for I need to win for the weekly bounty from Shaxx. However it looks like it won’t be happening with this match. We forced a match point but they were better than us that game. Also they saved up their Supers and unleashed them all on us during the last round.

I had to stop playing because of a physical therapy appointment I have at 2:30 but this is my run down of what I did today… all Crucible and now that I’m pretty much caught up on the weekly bounties tomorrow I’m going to try to get CoE completed… If you play Destiny and are looking to pre-order the next expansion pack… please clcik the link below to pre-order The Lords Of Iron




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