Goodwin Acquitted On All Charges… Shocked? Not Me.


The judge who was ruling on the Caesar Goodwin case gave his verdict today… and it was not guilty on all counts. 2nd Degree Depraved Heart Murder? Not Guilty… Manslaughter? Not Guilty… 2nd Degree Assault? Not Guilty…  Vehicular Manslaughter? Not Guilty… Reckless Endangerment?… Not Guilty… Misconduct in Office?… Not Guilty… now the judge says that the state didn’t prove that Goodson didn’t buckle Freddie Gray in, that he was giving him a “rough ride”, that he didn’t get Gray medical attention or that he intentionally meant hurt Gray.

Freddie Gray Arrest

Ok… first off was the video of him being placed in the van evidence? Well it’s apparent to me that he wasn’t buckled in just from watching the video because you see him put in the van and that’s it… no one gets in after him or does anything. How about the guy who is in the van along with Gray who says he was pleading for medical attention?

Now I don’t know if things are going to blow up like they did last April, but a lot of people are angry and rightfully so. Even being found Not Guilty for Misconduct in Office? Really? By delivering a dead suspect to the jail? That isn’t misconduct in office? I just don’t get it… what does a cop have to do to be found guilty in a court of law?

Because it appears to me that the system is rigged against people like Freddie Gray. Who never even got a chance to fight to prove his innocence in a court of law. And in favor of police officers who can do no wrong in the eyes of the majority of the public…

And Marylin Mosby has just put her head on the political chopping block and an executioner has just brought the axe down on it. Whatever aspirations she had are dead.

And the they shouldn’t even waste the tax payers money on the trials of the other 4 officers… this was the one to win… and the state didn’t. Now we are going to have to wait and see what the response from city residents is going to be… whether they decide to be practical and voice their disdain peacefully or if there are going to light the city on fire… and if it’s the latter I think they should go uptown to the rich and white neighborhoods and start some trouble up there because let’s be honest… no one in the country cared that you lit a CVS on North Avenue on fire… now if they did that in Roland Park that would get national attention… of course they can’t do that because the National Guard would shoot them before they crossed Cold Spring Lane… so if it does turn violent all that will do is destroy what is left or has been repaired from last year… I just hope that there is a leader in the City that can keep the peace. But I don’t know because this is big… this is almost like Rodney King importance and I fear for my city that there will be a similar response.


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