Destiny 6/24/16


I’m starting today off in the Tower where I have a Crucible reputation reward for reaching level 39. I was rewarded with a 330 scout rifle. Now it’s time for me to do the Vanguard bounties from yesterday and today before I join in on a CoE run set up through the 100 app.

And the first place I’m going to go is the moon.


I accepted a kill a high value Target Patrol Mission first because it could either be a high-value hive or a high-value fallen both of which I need to kill for a bounty. It happens to be a wizard. I was successful in defeating the wizard as well two other Hive major knights on the way there. I’ve accepted a collection Patrol mission. After I completed that mission I left the Moon because my next bounty has to take place on Earth


After landing I accepted a kill any enemy mission before I make my way to the Skywatch, but before I could get there the guy who invited me to run the CoE with him invited me to his fireteam and since I got the Cosmodrome bounty completed I went to orbit to join brewbrew


We did really well scoring 8000 points in the first round. I also received an exotic engram from the 1st round boss. And we are entering the 3rd round with 25,000 points which is very good. We finished with 41,035. Which is an excellent score. Now we are going to do it again. In order to get the cumulative score we need to do it 3 times. I only need to do it one more time but for these guys they’re starting off with new cards so they need to do it three times.

We ended the first round with 6,670 points but seeing as I already have the high score and am guaranteed to get the cumulative score this game I’m more focused on completing my Vanguard bounties than getting points. We finished the 2nd round with 18,350 points. We finished this game with only 28,865 points. And so we started the third game. We ended the first round with a score of 4,810 and I got an exotic engram. We finished the 2nd round with a score of 12,230. We finished with a score of 23,990. Now we are going to the Reef to collect our reward from Varikis


For completing the cumulative score I received a 335 helmet and for reaching level 7 with House Judgement I received a 330 cloak.

And now I need Fallen and Hive Major Kills to complete my two days worth of Vanguard bounties. And it appears the best place to farm Fallen Majors is the Ember Caves on Venus so I’m going to go there first since I need to kill more Fallen Majors than Hive Majors


On Venus I made my way to the Ember Caves and began killing Fallen and accepting the patrol missions that would keep me in this section of the map. A public event to defeat extraction Crews started in the Ember Caves. I completed it and got a three-tier gold rating for it. While I was in the Ember Caves, Taken appeared I was able to summon the Taken zealot, however we were not successful in defeating him in time. So the taken blight has come and gone. I successfully summoned the Taken champion again we were unsuccessful in I would leave and go to the moon but a public event to defeat extraction crews has started and I will take part in it and we weren’t successful in defeating all of the extraction crews. Now I’m going to the Moon to kill 3 Hive majors


To easily complete this bounty I’m playing the mission The Sword Of Crota on hard because there are at least nine majors in this level. After completing all of the Vanguard bounties I increased both my reputation level with the Vanguard and New Monarchy and when I returned to the Tower and turned in my engrams I also increased my reputation with the Cryptatchs.


For reaching level 41 I received 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a Legendary heavy weapon engram


For reaching level 27 I received a 330 Hand Cannon


For reaching level 34 I received a 330 helmet

All of these were put into the vault for infusion or use by my other characters. I’m going to the reef to buy a Trial of Osiris passage because I was invited to a fireteam to compete in Trials of Osiris


Trials Match 1- I’ve heard a lot of things about trials but I’ve never played it before so now I’m going to see if it’s true what they say where you get sniped immediately and it’s impossible to play through without getting mad. We weren’t able to join the first match for some reason. And now we begun our match on Black Shield and we won on a Match point.

Trials Match 2- We were shut out not winning a single round and the guy that invited me to play quit the fireteam. So it was a wasted effort to even try to play this game type although I do like it but you need three people who are willing to communicate in order to have fun with it.

I played a round or two of Skirmish in order to finish the daily crucible bounties and I finished two of the weekly bounties that I had.



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