Destiny 6/27/16



I’m starting off today in the Tower getting my bounties as well as collecting my level 35 reward from New Monarchy


I also reached level 42 with the Cryptarch


After accepting all of the available bounties I set off for the Dreadnought where I can complete all of my vanguard bounties. I begun by accepting a collection Patrol mission. After that I made my way to the Court of Oryx. As I am the only Guardian in the Court it’s difficult even using just a reciprocal rune. However now I’m joined by 2 other guardians. After defeating an antiquated rune I left the Court Of Oryx in hopes of completing the Eris bounty of defeating 10 Cabal Majors on the Dreadnought without dying. I completed that bounty as well as the next one which was to defeat a reciprocal rune in under 90 seconds… now I have the daily crucible bounties to do and they can all be done in the Rift playlist

Match 1- Rift on Bannerfall, Earth
I’m in a fireteam for this game. And we both finished top two which knocked out my bounties pretty much all in one game. Now I’m just waiting for 1:30 because I’m supposed to be running a Crota’s End raid at that time

Match 2- Inferno 6v6 on Exodus Blue, Earth
I’m playing this game because it’s the weekly game and rewards you with legendary marks. I didn’t receive any but I did get my 2nd exotic engram.

Now I started my Crota’s End raid on the Moon


Now I’m waiting for everybody to join us into orbit to begin the raid the first part of the raid is pretty straightforward where we were run from lamp to lamp. Then we have to build the bridge. Which we did successfully and now we face Crota where are health doesn’t regenerate unless we’re in the Chalice of Light and we have to kill the sword-bearer to damage Crota and this is why communication is very important and this part of the raid and we successfully took Crota down in a matter of minutes. When everyone knows what to do this raid is very easy and can be done in under an hour

Match 3- Skirmish on The Anomoly, the Moon
I’m in a fire team with a guy from The 100 app this match because I have a bounty that I need fireteam assists. I successfully got the Bounty complete I also had a 5 killstreak before a hammers guy killed me. We ended up winning and I went 11 for 10.

Match 4- Classic 3v3 on Rusted Lands, Earth

This match is a Salvage game and we won that game single-handedly by my fireteam member who had 18 kills in it. Very impressive game played by HCSwagmar2.

Match 5- Classic 3v3 on The Timekeeper, Mars

This is another Salvage game and I’m looking for I’m looking to get 9 Scout rifle kills but we lost and I was no where near getting 9 kills.

Match 6- Control on Exodus Blue, Earth

I switch the control because in control I’m more likely to get more kills which is what I need I need 9 Scout rifle kills we won and that game but I still did not get my 9 Scout rifle kills.

Match 7- Control on Frontier, Earth
I’m still looking for 9 Scout rifle kills on Alpha Team. We won I however only got 5 kills but I did get an exotic engram so at least it wasn’t a total waste of a game

Match 8- Control on The Dungeons, Dreadnought

I’m hoping that I can get my 9 Scout rifle triples so I can so I can play on my Warlock. I successfully got 12 kills with my scout rifle so now I’m going back to the Tower to trade in my engrams and collect my Crucible reward for reaching level 41. So now I’m going to try to complete some of the quests that I have like The Shield Brothers and sealing my Void Edge


For reaching Level 41 I received a 330 Auto Rifle


For reaching level 10 for Crota’s Bane rep I received a 306 artifact

I’m going to try to kill the Shield Brothers first since I don’t need to work together per say with someone as in coordinating who to attack like I need to do with the Sword. And I didn’t know that I can matchmake for the strike which I just did. Now I’m at the part of the strike where we fight the tank on the spaceship. Now I’m about to fight the shield brothers who I need to kill with shotgun I think this is going to be very difficult we all died before the second brother even came out. And then one of my party members just killed one of the shield brothers without me using my shotgun so I just wasted a half hour on this pretty much and of course you need to kill both of them in the same strike so I just wasted a half hour of my game on this strike… it might not have been a total waste of time since I did get an exotic engram. But it looks like doing a random matchmake on this strike isn’t going to work in order to do this quest.



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