My Bern Or Bust Writing… Should I Continue It Or Not?

This is the roughly 3,000 words I have written in response to the whole Bern or Bust movement… I was thinking of covering the entire primary campaign and then include everything that has been said or published about the movement after he dropped out… I started this before Trump showed us all who is and when I thought that the Bern or Bust movement could actually cost the Democrats the White House in November but now I’m almost certain that Clinton will destroy trump in the General election so I haven’t put anymore effort into this writing because I think it would be a waste of time. I’m sharing this to try to get opinions on whether or not I should continue it or not… thanks for taking the time to read it and thank you for any thoughts you might have for me.

Bernie Sanders, the junior Independent Senator from the state of Vermont announced on May 26th, 2015 that he would be running for president under the Democratic ticket. And as he proudly says on his website “Not Paid For By Billionaires”. And he has kept his word on that by funding his campaign through mostly small individual contributors. But what has he done to the Democratic Party? (Have to wait until after the election to answer this) First let’s begin with how he became the national news story that he is today.

It was a beautiful spring day in Burlington, Vermont on a May, 26.  It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon with a temperature of 77 degrees. Bernie Sanders had gathered many of his supporters to Waterfront Park and he had a beautiful backdrop of Lake Champlain as he officially announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party Nomination to be the President of the United States. His speech that he gave would be drilled into the heads to anyone who watched politics closely as his campaign continued. He announced that he was starting a “political revolution to transform our country economically, politically, socially and environmentally” mentioning the billionaire class 5 times by name in his roughly 38 minute speech. He also outlined his wanting to establish a single payer healthcare for all system here in this country. He also proclaimed how he would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. He said he wants to make every public university tuition free. He said that climate change needed to be addressed. He also proclaimed that he would appoint a judge to the Supreme Court only if they agreed to overturn Citizens United which protects campaign donations as free speech. Another major policy stance he took in this campaign announcement was how he was going to implement $1 trillion dollars over five years to pay for the rebuilding of America’s failing physical infrastructure. He again reiterated his plans to demolish Wall Street and stop them from “gambling trillions in risky financial instruments while expecting the public to bail it out.” Following that statement up with “If a bank is too big to fail… it’s too big to exist.” He showed his position on foreign policy also which did not come as a surprise to anyone who has been up to date with American politics, making sure to mention his no vote for the disastrous war in Iraq. He would point this vote out constantly on the campaign trail.

Now the first instance of the use of the hashtag #bernorbust on Twitter can be attributed to Andy Ribaudo, a Seattle college student and Iraq War veteran who runs the Seattle College Students for Bernie Sanders Facebook page which has over 2,800 people who Like the page. It was used in a Tweet that he posted of a photo of himself wearing a “Bernie Sanders for President” tee shirt with the caption “Today’s the big day! w/@BernieSanders in Seatlle. Whose all going to be there? #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016 #Bernorbust” and it was retweeted by one person. He was referring to a town hall/rally that Sanders was putting on to discuss how to get big money out of politics,  deal with obscene wealth and income inequality,  combat climate change and make college more affordable.  It took place at the Alaska Airlines Arena. He first spoke to the 3,000 people who could not fit in the arena at the Hec Edmundson Pavilion outside of the arena before going inside to give a stump speech to the 12,000 people who gathered there. His speech contained the following, mostly due to the fact that earlier that day he was interrupted by members from the Black Lives Matter movement as he gave a speech at the Westlake Center, “Too many young lives are being destroyed by the so-called ‘War on Drugs’. Too many lives are being destroyed by our system of incarceration. No President will fight harder to end the stain of racism and reform our criminal justice system. Period.” He also talked about “family values” which would include 12 weeks paid family leave after giving birth.  He also was adamant about placing concrete differences between him and the Republicans who were running for the same office as he was. “They (Republicans) believe that women in America should not have the right to control their own bodies,” Sanders howled.  “They believe that women in America should not have the right to buy the contraceptives they need.” He also put forth his goal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour saying “You did it here in Seattle, we can do it for the rest of the country.” And so he gave basically the same talking points he had been saying to packed rooms in Madison and Minneapolis, New Orleans and Phoenix. But Andy Ribaudo wasn’t at any of those rallies. He was at this Seattle one yelling and cheering along with the other 14,999 people who were there. He said he created the hashtag from the Revolt Against Plutocracy organization who has over 94,000 pledged to write in Bernie Sanders on the ballot in the general election. This grassroots organization was started by five people, all of them authors or columnist or self-proclaimed “political revolutionaries” , so although Andy Ribaudo was the first person to use the hashtag on Twitter he was inspired by the five people who are the organizers for Revolt Against Plutocracy

Now looking into Revolt Against Plutocracy has revealed who really started the “Bern or Bust” movement.  It was created by a group of like-minded individuals who really consider themselves “political revolutionaries” but they are mostly writers and professors who were born a little too late to really be involved with the political revolutions of the 1950’s and 1960’s; the civil rights movement, the antiwar protests of Vietnam and of course the infamous Weathermen. They now are seeking to start their own revolutionary movement against the wealthy and the powerholders in DC. Their website states as their agenda three points of contention that they want to empathize; campaign finance reform by a Constitutional Amendment overturning the Citizens United v FEC, Buckley v Valeo, and McCutcheon v FEC as well as a campaign finance system reform independent of the Amendment, and higher taxes on the wealthy that they describe as “the top income and investment interest holders”.  Since these are the only things that they believe in of course they don’t care if our country elects a right wing President, as long as it eventually completes the goals that they have outlined.

Victor Tiffany is the first member of the group Revolt Against Plutocracy that is mentioned in their About us page, so that leads me to believe he was the founder of it. His resume includes stints at The Amendment Gazette and The Syracuse Progressive Examiner. He earned a Master’s Degree in the Social Sciences from Binghamton University in 1984. He considered himself a Lincolnonian Republican until he switched his party affiliation to help Bernie Sander’s run for the White House. He now resides in Ithaca, New York and that is where he bases his political revolution from. His stint as a writer for the Syracuse Progressive Examiner could be summed up with one name, Glen Beck. He was a media critic for the newspaper and he focused all of his attention of the Fox News right wing pundit. He also ran a failed campaign for Congress in 1992. His real work as a political activist didn’t start until after the Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court decision which protected campaign donations by corporations as free speech. This is the only issue he fights for. The single issue he agrees with that Bernie Sanders has put forth; getting money out of politics became his life mission and he will do anything to accomplish this goal. He took a leave of absence from his job at The Amendment Gazette to focus solely on the Sander campaign and began writing for the Syracuse Progressive Examiner as a way to reach the most people as possible, writing his pro Bern or Bust articles.

Next is Patrick Walker, a new comer to political activism who spent most of adulthood out of politics but was awakened by the Bush Wars following the 9/11 Attacks. He came to the realization that you can ignore politics but it won’t ignore you. He became very focused on the anti-fracking movement in Pennsylvania during 2010 organizing a successful protest against Tom Ridge, a former head of the Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security who sold his connections that he made during that time to the gas industry and began investigating the protesters of the fracking taking place as “eco terrorists”. In fact it appears through my research that he only cares about climate change and this is why he supports Bernie Sanders. Even if the Bern or Bust movement will be disastrous for the environment… but it will be better than if pro-fracking Hillary Clinton were to win the White House. This is what he harps on in three articles that he wrote that have been pushed out by Victor through his position at the Examiner.

The next member of Revolt Against Plutocracy is Sabrina Giesler, a self-described “political revolutionary”. Unlike the two former members of the group she doesn’t appear to be an author or professor of any kind. A Google search of name only brings up a Facebook and LinkedIn page. According to her Facebook page which is filled with pro Bern or Bust posts and anti-Clinton posts she is from Cortez, Colorado. She also studied at Boise State University. She was also the Secretary for the Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Her bio on the Revolt Against Plutocracy page says she has been politically aware since the age of 12. Saying she marched for John Kerry in 2000, educating anyone who will listen to her about the environment, and simply promoting progressive ideas where they are normally not heard. Of course she moved from Colorado to Los Angeles after college before her stint as the Secretary for NORML of Wyoming so I’m not sure what she means by voicing progressive ideas where they are not normally heard when she has spent the majority of time working or living in very progressive states. Now as the mother of two children she has since resigned from her position in NORML but feels very passionately about her work for Revolt Against Plutocracy because she believes that her children’s futures are at stake in this election and that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will protect the environment and end the war on drugs, which has been a failure. So she is putting on her revolutionary boots and took the pledge to Bern or Bust and has been actively promoting others to do so as well through her social media outlets.

Up next is Charlie Hobbs, another self-described political revolutionary, who is also a college professor, earning a BA in Philosophy from West Georgia College and his MA and Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. As a researcher he has focused on American pragmatism focusing on the works of John Dewey, William James, and Charles Pierce. He has had his work published in 4 different academia publications. His work focused on pragmatism’s interconnections with Ancient Philosophy, its implications on death and dying and its influence on American anthropology. He has taught at Saint Mary’s College, Gonzaga University and Texas State University. Now that his academic accolades are out of the way let’s talk about his main focus when it comes to politics; that would be income inequality. He thinks by promoting the Bern or Bust movement that he will bring the top 1% to heel under a Sanders Administration. Of course neglecting the fact that all of his tax policies and his promise to increase the minimum wage to $15 a hour will never pass through a Congress that is right now in the hands of Republicans. He seems to be one of these intellectual liberals who are too busy studying and doing research and are oblivious to how things in the real world work. He thinks that as long as Bernie Sanders is elected that income inequality will become a thing of the past looked at the history books of the 22nd and 23rd century as something that couldn’t have possibly existed; much like how we look back on slavery and Jim Crow of the 18th and 19th century today. But at what cost? If he succeeds in his Bern or Bust pledge that has almost  100,000 signatures and nominates a President Donald Trump to serve as our POTUS I’m afraid that we won’t have a country in 2020 to nominate a new Progressive Party to the White House, which appears to be the Bern or Bust’s movement’s goal.

Finally, there is Susanna Peterson another self-described political revolutionary. She claims that at age 12 she was canvassing door to door for candidates and at 14 she begged her parents to allow her to become a Freedom Rider, which she was unable to do. Instead she sold buttons door to door in order to fundraise for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or SNCC. So she does have her roots in a real movement that made a difference in this country which is the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Her first real attempt at organizing a protest though came many years later in Aitkin County, Minnesota when someone at the State house thought that this watershed wetland county would be a good place to build a hazardous waste dump. So Susanna and others formed “FRiends Of Green” or FROG and through their organization they convinced the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that this type of installation was not appropriate for the county. Her other claim to activist fame came in 2012 when the state of Minnesota proposed an Amendment to the State Constitution that would require all voters to present a photo ID at the polling place. She began volunteering full time at TakeAction Minnesota, a local progressive organization that was against this Amendment. Here she sold tee shirts, bumper stickers, organized door to door canvassing, recruited phone bankers and spoke at conventions against this proposed amendment. She succeeded in that goal. In fact through my research Susanna is the only person in Revolt Against Plutocracy that I respect. She was around during the real revolutions in this country, mainly the civil rights movement. So it comes to me as a shock that she would participate in something so dangerous as the Bern or Bust movement. Knowing what is at stake in this election, with an opening on the Supreme court and at least another two to three more potentially opening up in before 2020 she is willing to put all that on the line in order to further this “progressive” movement which if it succeeds will become the most regressive thing in American history. It seems as though the former members of this group have talked and convinced her into their way of thinking, even though it goes against everything she has fought so hard for. And to not take away anything from what she has done locally which is quite a lot. I mean defeating her state legislature twice is nothing to sneeze at but she hasn’t made a splash on the national stage and perhaps she sees this as a way to make a difference on the nation as a whole and not just in her local Minnesota County.

It comes as a shock to me that all of this information is available on Google and yet so many Bern or Bust people voice their distrust towards the mainstream media but have yet to do any research on the founders of their political movement to realize that they are being used by single issue activists in order to further their own plans for what they believe is the right direction for America and will do anything to further their cause. Even if that means electing a Republican President who will undo everything that President Obama has done in these last eight years. Because they think that the four years under a Republican will be enough for all Americans to realize that the progressive way of thinking is the only way of thinking. And perhaps destroy the two party political system that has been running this country for the whole 20th and 21st century.

Before the first Democratic Presidential Debate on October 13th, 2015 Sanders had amassed an impressive amount of money through individual contributors $26 million dollars since July of 2015 and through his money saving tactics such as flying coach to his campaign events and not conducting polls he at the time of October 1st, 2015 had amassed $26.5 million dollars in campaign contributions. This cemented his place in the Presidential Election as more than just a fringe candidate who would push Hillary Clinton to the left on issues.

It was the evening of October 13th, 2015 when the first Democratic Debate was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It featured the five at the time candidates who were running for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffe. Since this book is focusing on Bernie Sanders I’m not going to go in depth with the other candidates but just know that they were there. And for the first debate it got pretty heated between the front runner Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders defended his self-attribution as being a Democratic Socialist saying that America is set up as “a casino capitalist process by which so few have so much”. To which Clinton responded that it would be a “big mistake” for America to turn its back on the economic system that has gave its place in the world. She then took this opportunity to question Senator Sanders on his policy related to gun control. When asked if she thinks he is tough enough on guns she responded with “I do not”. Senator Sanders then took the time to clarify his stance on gun control that he supports stricter background checks, an increase in mental health screenings and treatment as well as closing a loop hole which allows purchases of guns to be made at gun shows without passing a background check.  Before the debate a national poll showed Clinton ahead by 50% and Sanders behind her with 23%. The debate which was held on CNN and moderated by Anderson Cooper was seen as a victory for Hillary Clinton, but according to a CNN poll Clinton was now ahead with 45% compared to Sanders who was at 28%; he gained 5 points in an instant overnight.

The next Democratic debate took place a month later on November 14, 2015

That is where I stopped writing…


I hate Joshua Feuerstein…

If you’re saying “Who the fuck is this?” Then be thankful that you don’t know who this hypocritical piece of shit is. And you’re like most of America who has no idea who this windbag is. 

But for those of us who have the misfortune of knowing who this theist wackjob is we have known him to come out strongly against gay people, his perceived war on Christmas with Starbucks getting rid of Merry Christmas from their cups (he started a campaign to have you tell the barista that your name was “Merry Christmas” so they would have to write it on the cup… I shit you not), his anti Planned Parenthood videos in which he calls for doctors to be killed and his all affectionate relationship with Jesus Christ which by any standard of measurement is very concerning. I went to a Catholic High School and graduated from there having taken 4 years of religion classes… and my understanding of the Bible is radically different from this fake voiced twat. He seems to believe in the New Testament to the “t” especially the Gospels… I would like to enlighten Mr. Feuerstein a little historical context in which the Gospels were written… they were written when Christianity was punishable by death so therefore they have many symbolic messages hidden in them… and they were also written hundred of years a part by different authors who were writing to different audiences… why do you think the pilgrimage to Bethlehem isn’t in all 4 of the gospels… seems like kind of an important fact to make sure it was in all 4 of them… but I digress the reason I felt inclined to write this post about this zealot is his newest video

Joshua Fuerstein Is Insane and Wrong About Jesus
This is a self proclaimed preacher of the Gospels saying he would not hesitate to kill someone who was in a conflict with a law enforcement officer… do you know who was also in a conflict with law enforcement officers? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! If he is at all really the son of an almighty being… he is facepalming so hard right now 

How can a follower of Christ who preached turning the other cheek say such things and honestly believe he is correct in his interpretation of Christ’s message. He said love thy neighbor not kill him if he is doing something you disagree with.

And the whole thing about how cops are real life superheroes… don’t get me started on all the illegal activities that the police have been found guilty for doing… not limited to raping women and accepting bribes… any way this guy is the biggest faked voiced douchebag in the world and I despise him with every inch of my being. He could drop dead tomorrow and the world would be a better brighter place

Destiny 6/27/16



I’m starting off today in the Tower getting my bounties as well as collecting my level 35 reward from New Monarchy


I also reached level 42 with the Cryptarch


After accepting all of the available bounties I set off for the Dreadnought where I can complete all of my vanguard bounties. I begun by accepting a collection Patrol mission. After that I made my way to the Court of Oryx. As I am the only Guardian in the Court it’s difficult even using just a reciprocal rune. However now I’m joined by 2 other guardians. After defeating an antiquated rune I left the Court Of Oryx in hopes of completing the Eris bounty of defeating 10 Cabal Majors on the Dreadnought without dying. I completed that bounty as well as the next one which was to defeat a reciprocal rune in under 90 seconds… now I have the daily crucible bounties to do and they can all be done in the Rift playlist

Match 1- Rift on Bannerfall, Earth
I’m in a fireteam for this game. And we both finished top two which knocked out my bounties pretty much all in one game. Now I’m just waiting for 1:30 because I’m supposed to be running a Crota’s End raid at that time

Match 2- Inferno 6v6 on Exodus Blue, Earth
I’m playing this game because it’s the weekly game and rewards you with legendary marks. I didn’t receive any but I did get my 2nd exotic engram.

Now I started my Crota’s End raid on the Moon


Now I’m waiting for everybody to join us into orbit to begin the raid the first part of the raid is pretty straightforward where we were run from lamp to lamp. Then we have to build the bridge. Which we did successfully and now we face Crota where are health doesn’t regenerate unless we’re in the Chalice of Light and we have to kill the sword-bearer to damage Crota and this is why communication is very important and this part of the raid and we successfully took Crota down in a matter of minutes. When everyone knows what to do this raid is very easy and can be done in under an hour

Match 3- Skirmish on The Anomoly, the Moon
I’m in a fire team with a guy from The 100 app this match because I have a bounty that I need fireteam assists. I successfully got the Bounty complete I also had a 5 killstreak before a hammers guy killed me. We ended up winning and I went 11 for 10.

Match 4- Classic 3v3 on Rusted Lands, Earth

This match is a Salvage game and we won that game single-handedly by my fireteam member who had 18 kills in it. Very impressive game played by HCSwagmar2.

Match 5- Classic 3v3 on The Timekeeper, Mars

This is another Salvage game and I’m looking for I’m looking to get 9 Scout rifle kills but we lost and I was no where near getting 9 kills.

Match 6- Control on Exodus Blue, Earth

I switch the control because in control I’m more likely to get more kills which is what I need I need 9 Scout rifle kills we won and that game but I still did not get my 9 Scout rifle kills.

Match 7- Control on Frontier, Earth
I’m still looking for 9 Scout rifle kills on Alpha Team. We won I however only got 5 kills but I did get an exotic engram so at least it wasn’t a total waste of a game

Match 8- Control on The Dungeons, Dreadnought

I’m hoping that I can get my 9 Scout rifle triples so I can so I can play on my Warlock. I successfully got 12 kills with my scout rifle so now I’m going back to the Tower to trade in my engrams and collect my Crucible reward for reaching level 41. So now I’m going to try to complete some of the quests that I have like The Shield Brothers and sealing my Void Edge


For reaching Level 41 I received a 330 Auto Rifle


For reaching level 10 for Crota’s Bane rep I received a 306 artifact

I’m going to try to kill the Shield Brothers first since I don’t need to work together per say with someone as in coordinating who to attack like I need to do with the Sword. And I didn’t know that I can matchmake for the strike which I just did. Now I’m at the part of the strike where we fight the tank on the spaceship. Now I’m about to fight the shield brothers who I need to kill with shotgun I think this is going to be very difficult we all died before the second brother even came out. And then one of my party members just killed one of the shield brothers without me using my shotgun so I just wasted a half hour on this pretty much and of course you need to kill both of them in the same strike so I just wasted a half hour of my game on this strike… it might not have been a total waste of time since I did get an exotic engram. But it looks like doing a random matchmake on this strike isn’t going to work in order to do this quest.


Destiny 6/24/16


I’m starting today off in the Tower where I have a Crucible reputation reward for reaching level 39. I was rewarded with a 330 scout rifle. Now it’s time for me to do the Vanguard bounties from yesterday and today before I join in on a CoE run set up through the 100 app.

And the first place I’m going to go is the moon.


I accepted a kill a high value Target Patrol Mission first because it could either be a high-value hive or a high-value fallen both of which I need to kill for a bounty. It happens to be a wizard. I was successful in defeating the wizard as well two other Hive major knights on the way there. I’ve accepted a collection Patrol mission. After I completed that mission I left the Moon because my next bounty has to take place on Earth


After landing I accepted a kill any enemy mission before I make my way to the Skywatch, but before I could get there the guy who invited me to run the CoE with him invited me to his fireteam and since I got the Cosmodrome bounty completed I went to orbit to join brewbrew


We did really well scoring 8000 points in the first round. I also received an exotic engram from the 1st round boss. And we are entering the 3rd round with 25,000 points which is very good. We finished with 41,035. Which is an excellent score. Now we are going to do it again. In order to get the cumulative score we need to do it 3 times. I only need to do it one more time but for these guys they’re starting off with new cards so they need to do it three times.

We ended the first round with 6,670 points but seeing as I already have the high score and am guaranteed to get the cumulative score this game I’m more focused on completing my Vanguard bounties than getting points. We finished the 2nd round with 18,350 points. We finished this game with only 28,865 points. And so we started the third game. We ended the first round with a score of 4,810 and I got an exotic engram. We finished the 2nd round with a score of 12,230. We finished with a score of 23,990. Now we are going to the Reef to collect our reward from Varikis


For completing the cumulative score I received a 335 helmet and for reaching level 7 with House Judgement I received a 330 cloak.

And now I need Fallen and Hive Major Kills to complete my two days worth of Vanguard bounties. And it appears the best place to farm Fallen Majors is the Ember Caves on Venus so I’m going to go there first since I need to kill more Fallen Majors than Hive Majors


On Venus I made my way to the Ember Caves and began killing Fallen and accepting the patrol missions that would keep me in this section of the map. A public event to defeat extraction Crews started in the Ember Caves. I completed it and got a three-tier gold rating for it. While I was in the Ember Caves, Taken appeared I was able to summon the Taken zealot, however we were not successful in defeating him in time. So the taken blight has come and gone. I successfully summoned the Taken champion again we were unsuccessful in I would leave and go to the moon but a public event to defeat extraction crews has started and I will take part in it and we weren’t successful in defeating all of the extraction crews. Now I’m going to the Moon to kill 3 Hive majors


To easily complete this bounty I’m playing the mission The Sword Of Crota on hard because there are at least nine majors in this level. After completing all of the Vanguard bounties I increased both my reputation level with the Vanguard and New Monarchy and when I returned to the Tower and turned in my engrams I also increased my reputation with the Cryptatchs.


For reaching level 41 I received 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a Legendary heavy weapon engram


For reaching level 27 I received a 330 Hand Cannon


For reaching level 34 I received a 330 helmet

All of these were put into the vault for infusion or use by my other characters. I’m going to the reef to buy a Trial of Osiris passage because I was invited to a fireteam to compete in Trials of Osiris


Trials Match 1- I’ve heard a lot of things about trials but I’ve never played it before so now I’m going to see if it’s true what they say where you get sniped immediately and it’s impossible to play through without getting mad. We weren’t able to join the first match for some reason. And now we begun our match on Black Shield and we won on a Match point.

Trials Match 2- We were shut out not winning a single round and the guy that invited me to play quit the fireteam. So it was a wasted effort to even try to play this game type although I do like it but you need three people who are willing to communicate in order to have fun with it.

I played a round or two of Skirmish in order to finish the daily crucible bounties and I finished two of the weekly bounties that I had.


Destiny 6/23/16


I’m starting my day in the Tower were I reached rank 40 with the Cryptarch. And I freed up some space in my inventory by placing raid materials in the Vault. I accepted what Crucible bounties I could then went right to orbit to begin the process of knocking out these Crucible bounties

Match 1- Clash on Crossroads, Mars

I still have bounties from when clash was the daily playlist. I completed one of them but we lost preventing me from getting both bounties completed. We lost a close game losing by only 8 kills. Hopefully I’ll win this next match so I can stop playing Clash.

Match 2- Clash on Frontier, Earth
So I’m starting as a member of Alpha Team. I did well going 13 for 9 as well as getting a win. I’m still looking to get a Blink Strike kill from behind as well as getting the first kill in a game

I’ve joined a fireteam that I found on the 100 app to get grenade kills with them but I don’t think we are going to play a revive enabled playlist…

Match 3- Rift on Cathedral of Dusk, Dreadnought

I’m not sure why we’re playing Rift since you don’t get any grimore score but we are and at least we won. I led the team with 6 carries. However I did not ignite the rift.

Match 4- Rift on Pantheon, Mars
If I remember I like this map. Not sure about it on Rift. We lost badly issuing a mercy rule victory for the other team. I did however get an exotic engram and also got the Smoke kill bounty so it’s wasn’t all a waste.

Match 5- Rift on Vertigo, Mercury
“This map isn’t awful” if I may quote tlsutcliffe in his British accent. And it appears so since we won and I got an exotic engram as well.

Match 6- Rift on Vertigo, Mercury
I’m part of a 6 man fireteam and the majority of them are speaking with a British accent… and we lost because of one guy on the enemy team had a terrible connection so he was lagging really bad.

We are on our way back to the Tower and I have a Crucible and New Monarchy reward to claim


For reaching level 33 I was given 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a 330 Machine Gun.

We left the Tower before I got to go see Shax.

Now we are back in the Crucible


Match 7- Inferno 6v6 on Sector 618, Earth
After this game I’m going to leave this fireteam because I have bounties to do that don’t involve having 6 people on your fireteam. We lost but I got an exotic engram and a sterling treasure.

Now I’m going back to the Tower to get the weekly crucible bounties as well collect my reward for reaching level 33


For reaching level 33 I was given a reputation booster, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a 330 pair of boots which I put into the vault.

Match 8- Skirmish on Blind Watch, Mars
I’ve joined a fire team with two other people who are playing Skirmish because I have a bounty for fireteam revives. And I completed it. But we lost that game.

Match 9- Skirmish on The Anomaly, the Moon
Let’s hope that I can get my first win since I accepted the weekly win bounty from Shaxx. I however lost.

And now for my least favorite match mode… Rumble. And of course one of the bounties that I have is the hardest one to get… open the Heavy ammo drop in Rumble.

Match 10- Rumble on Memento, Earth

I did really well going 16 for 13 however I didn’t get 9 kills with an auto rifle… or get the win with 9 primary weapon kills but I did get my 1st of 7 wins for the week although I didn’t come in 1st I came in 2nd but a top 3 finish in Rumble seems to count as a win for the bounties at least, not for the grimorie score.

Match 11- Salvage on The Cauldron, the Moon
I’m playing Salvage because it’s the daily match type and I need points for the weekly bounty as well as kills while a probe is active and also claiming a probe. We lost and didn’t complete any of those bounties

Match 12- Salvage on The Dungeons. Dreadnought

We lost and I didn’t get 6 kills with an auto rifle although I did go 10 for 14 but we were shutout because we didn’t claim a single relic.

Match 13- Salvage on Twilight Gap, Earth

I won and even had a 5 kill streak. I finished the Weekly Matches bounty as well as getting 6 auto rifle kills so now I only need to 1 more match with 6 kills

Match 14- Clash on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I’m playing a clash match because it’s one of the three that I need to win for a weekly Bounty from Shaxx. I lost this match but I did go an even 14 for 14. And completed the matches with 6 auto rifle kills.

Match 15- Clash on Crossroads, Mars

I lost this game but I did get the 9 kills with an auto rifle bounty done. I went 13 for 17. And finished 2nd on my team but our team wasn’t all that good losing by more than 25 kills.

Match 16- Clash on Exodus Blue, Earth
I started this match already in progress on the winning team. Which is awesome since I need wins. However we ended up losing by only three kills so it didn’t pan out for me. It was a very close game.

Match 17- Clash on Pantheon, Mars
I’m not used to playing with a pulse rifle. I’m used to using an auto rifle but I need 9 kills with a pulse rifle in as well as 10 kills overall with a pulse rifle so I’m using the Red Death in this game. Just at the last second I got my ninth kill with with the pulse rifle and a victory as well as an exotic engram I went 11 for 14.

Match 18- Skirmish on Firebase Delphi

I joined this match halfway through and helped the team win by getting 5 kills row. All I have to do is win an elimination game and that will complete my weekly bounties from Shaxx

Match 19- Elimination on Vertigo, Mercury

This is the last match type for I need to win for the weekly bounty from Shaxx. However it looks like it won’t be happening with this match. We forced a match point but they were better than us that game. Also they saved up their Supers and unleashed them all on us during the last round.

I had to stop playing because of a physical therapy appointment I have at 2:30 but this is my run down of what I did today… all Crucible and now that I’m pretty much caught up on the weekly bounties tomorrow I’m going to try to get CoE completed… If you play Destiny and are looking to pre-order the next expansion pack… please clcik the link below to pre-order The Lords Of Iron



Goodwin Acquitted On All Charges… Shocked? Not Me.


The judge who was ruling on the Caesar Goodwin case gave his verdict today… and it was not guilty on all counts. 2nd Degree Depraved Heart Murder? Not Guilty… Manslaughter? Not Guilty… 2nd Degree Assault? Not Guilty…  Vehicular Manslaughter? Not Guilty… Reckless Endangerment?… Not Guilty… Misconduct in Office?… Not Guilty… now the judge says that the state didn’t prove that Goodson didn’t buckle Freddie Gray in, that he was giving him a “rough ride”, that he didn’t get Gray medical attention or that he intentionally meant hurt Gray.

Freddie Gray Arrest

Ok… first off was the video of him being placed in the van evidence? Well it’s apparent to me that he wasn’t buckled in just from watching the video because you see him put in the van and that’s it… no one gets in after him or does anything. How about the guy who is in the van along with Gray who says he was pleading for medical attention?

Now I don’t know if things are going to blow up like they did last April, but a lot of people are angry and rightfully so. Even being found Not Guilty for Misconduct in Office? Really? By delivering a dead suspect to the jail? That isn’t misconduct in office? I just don’t get it… what does a cop have to do to be found guilty in a court of law?

Because it appears to me that the system is rigged against people like Freddie Gray. Who never even got a chance to fight to prove his innocence in a court of law. And in favor of police officers who can do no wrong in the eyes of the majority of the public…

And Marylin Mosby has just put her head on the political chopping block and an executioner has just brought the axe down on it. Whatever aspirations she had are dead.

And the they shouldn’t even waste the tax payers money on the trials of the other 4 officers… this was the one to win… and the state didn’t. Now we are going to have to wait and see what the response from city residents is going to be… whether they decide to be practical and voice their disdain peacefully or if there are going to light the city on fire… and if it’s the latter I think they should go uptown to the rich and white neighborhoods and start some trouble up there because let’s be honest… no one in the country cared that you lit a CVS on North Avenue on fire… now if they did that in Roland Park that would get national attention… of course they can’t do that because the National Guard would shoot them before they crossed Cold Spring Lane… so if it does turn violent all that will do is destroy what is left or has been repaired from last year… I just hope that there is a leader in the City that can keep the peace. But I don’t know because this is big… this is almost like Rodney King importance and I fear for my city that there will be a similar response.

Destiny 6/22/16


I’m starting off in the Tower so I can get my Vanguard Bounties as well as my Gunsmith weapons

And with my Vanguard bounties all of them can be done on Earth so I’m going to go on Patrol in the Cosmodrome


Public event started in the mothyards to defeat extraction Crews so I joined in on it along with two other people. In the Skywatch we summoned the Taken zealot. We defeated him and I was rewarded with a reciprocal rune. After killing 50 hive I still need to defeat high-level targets with my rocket launcher so I’m going to be accepting high-value Target missions.


And now I joined a party to try and run the Vault of Glass raid… and I’m excited because I’ve never done this raid before and the clan I’m running with is called Sherpa School so I should be able to learn the raid. The first part we had to prevent Vex from from taking control of plates. Now we are in the phase where we have to defend the conflux from Vex entering them. Now we have to destroy the oracles that appear or else we are marked for negation which means we die instantly. Now we have to kill the Templar. We successfully defeated the Templar and I’m learning how to do this raid which is awesome. Now we’re learning how to do the Gorgon maze. Now we are at the main boss of the raid. Now I finished the Vault of Glass and although I don’t know how to do everything I am aware all of the basic way the Raid is run



And for reaching level 26 with the Vanguard I received a 324 cloak. And a reputation booster. Now I’m helping a guy on the Dreadnought collect Hadium Flakes as well as completing the Court of Oryx. And now we’ve been farming in the Court of Oryx for at least a half-hour which is okay because it doesn’t bother me because I’m at least getting Crota Bane reputation. We are now going back to the Tower in order to turn in all of engrams. After doing that I didn’t receive anything good or usable so it was all turned into weapon parts and armor materials. Now I’m going to the Reef to get the Taken Bounties for the week. As well as complete all of my gunsmith bounties.  We are going back to Cosmodrome to kill Iroxi in the Skywatch.  After we successfully killed him we went to Venus were I need to kill 12 Taken Majors. We’ve split up to try to let each other know when the taken have come in on a certain area on Venus but so far and at least the past 10 minutes or so they’ve only appeared on the Shattered Coast. I however am on the Ember caves we’re Taken have shown themselves. I successfully completed the Taken bounties now all I have to do is the CoE bounties then of course the weekly Crucible bounties. in the Challenge of Elders I need to get void kills and heavy weapon kills because the bounties are for killing enemies with a heavy weapon and void ability. This is so much easier than last week where the melee kills were the bonus points. So far popping a three of coins before every round has paid off because I have two exotic engrams and I went three for three with exotic engrams as well as getting the high score for the for the  Challenge of Elders. For getting the high score I got to 335 sidearm that I  infused into my already leveled up New Monarchy sidearm. On this playthrough I completed the two bounties that I needed to do for Variks and I would have completed the third one if I wasn’t booted mid game by the asshole who was the fireteam leader… although I did not play any crucible today I will be playing it first thing tomorrow because I have over 12 crucible bounties that I need to complete as well as the weekly crucible bounties…

And this is my all PVE Destiny play through. If you are interested in buying the new expansion pack please click the link below to order The Lords Of Iron