I hate Joshua Feuerstein…

If you’re saying “Who the fuck is this?” Then be thankful that you don’t know who this hypocritical piece of shit is. And you’re like most of America who has no idea who this windbag is. 

But for those of us who have the misfortune of knowing who this theist wackjob is we have known him to come out strongly against gay people, his perceived war on Christmas with Starbucks getting rid of Merry Christmas from their cups (he started a campaign to have you tell the barista that your name was “Merry Christmas” so they would have to write it on the cup… I shit you not), his anti Planned Parenthood videos in which he calls for doctors to be killed and his all affectionate relationship with Jesus Christ which by any standard of measurement is very concerning. I went to a Catholic High School and graduated from there having taken 4 years of religion classes… and my understanding of the Bible is radically different from this fake voiced twat. He seems to believe in the New Testament to the “t” especially the Gospels… I would like to enlighten Mr. Feuerstein a little historical context in which the Gospels were written… they were written when Christianity was punishable by death so therefore they have many symbolic messages hidden in them… and they were also written hundred of years a part by different authors who were writing to different audiences… why do you think the pilgrimage to Bethlehem isn’t in all 4 of the gospels… seems like kind of an important fact to make sure it was in all 4 of them… but I digress the reason I felt inclined to write this post about this zealot is his newest video

Joshua Fuerstein Is Insane and Wrong About Jesus
This is a self proclaimed preacher of the Gospels saying he would not hesitate to kill someone who was in a conflict with a law enforcement officer… do you know who was also in a conflict with law enforcement officers? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! If he is at all really the son of an almighty being… he is facepalming so hard right now 

How can a follower of Christ who preached turning the other cheek say such things and honestly believe he is correct in his interpretation of Christ’s message. He said love thy neighbor not kill him if he is doing something you disagree with.

And the whole thing about how cops are real life superheroes… don’t get me started on all the illegal activities that the police have been found guilty for doing… not limited to raping women and accepting bribes… any way this guy is the biggest faked voiced douchebag in the world and I despise him with every inch of my being. He could drop dead tomorrow and the world would be a better brighter place