Destiny 6/27/16



I’m starting off today in the Tower getting my bounties as well as collecting my level 35 reward from New Monarchy


I also reached level 42 with the Cryptarch


After accepting all of the available bounties I set off for the Dreadnought where I can complete all of my vanguard bounties. I begun by accepting a collection Patrol mission. After that I made my way to the Court of Oryx. As I am the only Guardian in the Court it’s difficult even using just a reciprocal rune. However now I’m joined by 2 other guardians. After defeating an antiquated rune I left the Court Of Oryx in hopes of completing the Eris bounty of defeating 10 Cabal Majors on the Dreadnought without dying. I completed that bounty as well as the next one which was to defeat a reciprocal rune in under 90 seconds… now I have the daily crucible bounties to do and they can all be done in the Rift playlist

Match 1- Rift on Bannerfall, Earth
I’m in a fireteam for this game. And we both finished top two which knocked out my bounties pretty much all in one game. Now I’m just waiting for 1:30 because I’m supposed to be running a Crota’s End raid at that time

Match 2- Inferno 6v6 on Exodus Blue, Earth
I’m playing this game because it’s the weekly game and rewards you with legendary marks. I didn’t receive any but I did get my 2nd exotic engram.

Now I started my Crota’s End raid on the Moon


Now I’m waiting for everybody to join us into orbit to begin the raid the first part of the raid is pretty straightforward where we were run from lamp to lamp. Then we have to build the bridge. Which we did successfully and now we face Crota where are health doesn’t regenerate unless we’re in the Chalice of Light and we have to kill the sword-bearer to damage Crota and this is why communication is very important and this part of the raid and we successfully took Crota down in a matter of minutes. When everyone knows what to do this raid is very easy and can be done in under an hour

Match 3- Skirmish on The Anomoly, the Moon
I’m in a fire team with a guy from The 100 app this match because I have a bounty that I need fireteam assists. I successfully got the Bounty complete I also had a 5 killstreak before a hammers guy killed me. We ended up winning and I went 11 for 10.

Match 4- Classic 3v3 on Rusted Lands, Earth

This match is a Salvage game and we won that game single-handedly by my fireteam member who had 18 kills in it. Very impressive game played by HCSwagmar2.

Match 5- Classic 3v3 on The Timekeeper, Mars

This is another Salvage game and I’m looking for I’m looking to get 9 Scout rifle kills but we lost and I was no where near getting 9 kills.

Match 6- Control on Exodus Blue, Earth

I switch the control because in control I’m more likely to get more kills which is what I need I need 9 Scout rifle kills we won and that game but I still did not get my 9 Scout rifle kills.

Match 7- Control on Frontier, Earth
I’m still looking for 9 Scout rifle kills on Alpha Team. We won I however only got 5 kills but I did get an exotic engram so at least it wasn’t a total waste of a game

Match 8- Control on The Dungeons, Dreadnought

I’m hoping that I can get my 9 Scout rifle triples so I can so I can play on my Warlock. I successfully got 12 kills with my scout rifle so now I’m going back to the Tower to trade in my engrams and collect my Crucible reward for reaching level 41. So now I’m going to try to complete some of the quests that I have like The Shield Brothers and sealing my Void Edge


For reaching Level 41 I received a 330 Auto Rifle


For reaching level 10 for Crota’s Bane rep I received a 306 artifact

I’m going to try to kill the Shield Brothers first since I don’t need to work together per say with someone as in coordinating who to attack like I need to do with the Sword. And I didn’t know that I can matchmake for the strike which I just did. Now I’m at the part of the strike where we fight the tank on the spaceship. Now I’m about to fight the shield brothers who I need to kill with shotgun I think this is going to be very difficult we all died before the second brother even came out. And then one of my party members just killed one of the shield brothers without me using my shotgun so I just wasted a half hour on this pretty much and of course you need to kill both of them in the same strike so I just wasted a half hour of my game on this strike… it might not have been a total waste of time since I did get an exotic engram. But it looks like doing a random matchmake on this strike isn’t going to work in order to do this quest.



Destiny 6/24/16


I’m starting today off in the Tower where I have a Crucible reputation reward for reaching level 39. I was rewarded with a 330 scout rifle. Now it’s time for me to do the Vanguard bounties from yesterday and today before I join in on a CoE run set up through the 100 app.

And the first place I’m going to go is the moon.


I accepted a kill a high value Target Patrol Mission first because it could either be a high-value hive or a high-value fallen both of which I need to kill for a bounty. It happens to be a wizard. I was successful in defeating the wizard as well two other Hive major knights on the way there. I’ve accepted a collection Patrol mission. After I completed that mission I left the Moon because my next bounty has to take place on Earth


After landing I accepted a kill any enemy mission before I make my way to the Skywatch, but before I could get there the guy who invited me to run the CoE with him invited me to his fireteam and since I got the Cosmodrome bounty completed I went to orbit to join brewbrew


We did really well scoring 8000 points in the first round. I also received an exotic engram from the 1st round boss. And we are entering the 3rd round with 25,000 points which is very good. We finished with 41,035. Which is an excellent score. Now we are going to do it again. In order to get the cumulative score we need to do it 3 times. I only need to do it one more time but for these guys they’re starting off with new cards so they need to do it three times.

We ended the first round with 6,670 points but seeing as I already have the high score and am guaranteed to get the cumulative score this game I’m more focused on completing my Vanguard bounties than getting points. We finished the 2nd round with 18,350 points. We finished this game with only 28,865 points. And so we started the third game. We ended the first round with a score of 4,810 and I got an exotic engram. We finished the 2nd round with a score of 12,230. We finished with a score of 23,990. Now we are going to the Reef to collect our reward from Varikis


For completing the cumulative score I received a 335 helmet and for reaching level 7 with House Judgement I received a 330 cloak.

And now I need Fallen and Hive Major Kills to complete my two days worth of Vanguard bounties. And it appears the best place to farm Fallen Majors is the Ember Caves on Venus so I’m going to go there first since I need to kill more Fallen Majors than Hive Majors


On Venus I made my way to the Ember Caves and began killing Fallen and accepting the patrol missions that would keep me in this section of the map. A public event to defeat extraction Crews started in the Ember Caves. I completed it and got a three-tier gold rating for it. While I was in the Ember Caves, Taken appeared I was able to summon the Taken zealot, however we were not successful in defeating him in time. So the taken blight has come and gone. I successfully summoned the Taken champion again we were unsuccessful in I would leave and go to the moon but a public event to defeat extraction crews has started and I will take part in it and we weren’t successful in defeating all of the extraction crews. Now I’m going to the Moon to kill 3 Hive majors


To easily complete this bounty I’m playing the mission The Sword Of Crota on hard because there are at least nine majors in this level. After completing all of the Vanguard bounties I increased both my reputation level with the Vanguard and New Monarchy and when I returned to the Tower and turned in my engrams I also increased my reputation with the Cryptatchs.


For reaching level 41 I received 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a Legendary heavy weapon engram


For reaching level 27 I received a 330 Hand Cannon


For reaching level 34 I received a 330 helmet

All of these were put into the vault for infusion or use by my other characters. I’m going to the reef to buy a Trial of Osiris passage because I was invited to a fireteam to compete in Trials of Osiris


Trials Match 1- I’ve heard a lot of things about trials but I’ve never played it before so now I’m going to see if it’s true what they say where you get sniped immediately and it’s impossible to play through without getting mad. We weren’t able to join the first match for some reason. And now we begun our match on Black Shield and we won on a Match point.

Trials Match 2- We were shut out not winning a single round and the guy that invited me to play quit the fireteam. So it was a wasted effort to even try to play this game type although I do like it but you need three people who are willing to communicate in order to have fun with it.

I played a round or two of Skirmish in order to finish the daily crucible bounties and I finished two of the weekly bounties that I had.


Destiny 6/20/2016



I’m starting off today with 12 Crucible bounties that I need to complete so I’m going to be spending a lot of time in The Crucible today so let’s get started


Match 1- Salvage on Vertigo, Mercury

This is my first Crucible match in a few days. After a member our team left were down three members to two and this is why we lost this round because of people quitting halfway through the match

Match 2- Salvage on The Dungeons, the Dreadnought

After getting embarrassed the last game I intend to do much better in this game. I personally did much better but however we still lost but I did receive an exotic engram so the match wasn’t a total waste.

Match 3- Salvage on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I’m having a problem with aiming and shooting because it seems like I’m aiming but I’m not hitting correctly. The only bounty I have left to do in the Salvage playlist is to win a match… so I hope that this will be the match that I win because I don’t like playing this game type that much unless I’m in a fireteam that is communicating. I however did not win.

Match 4- Salvage on Rusted Lands, Earth

I can’t wait until I finally win a match in this game type so I can stop playing it. Another thing I need to do is get a throwing knife precision kill so I can stop playing as a gunslinger. It appears that the team I’m playing is good at sniping which doesn’t bode well for me. This game is really starting to get on my nerves I lost again and didn’t do particularly well my self… this is 4 matches in a row that I’ve lost

Match 5- Salvage on Blind Watch, Mars

After what started off as a bad round we eventually came back and won and I’m glad that I don’t have to play in the Salvage playlist again today. After successfully completing the bounties that needed to be done in the playlist. Now it’s time to enter the playlist I dread the most, Rumble

Match 6- Rumble on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I lost but I did complete both of the bounties that I was going after. I went 6 for 12 which isn’t terrible but it’s not good… anyway now that the majority of my piled up Crucible bounties are done I’m on my way back to the Tower to get my Vanguard and Crucible bounties for today. As well as receive my reward for reaching level 37 in the crucible


For reaching level 37 I was gifted with a reputation booster and a pair of 330 boots.

And now it’s time to do my Vanguard bounties which include killing 50 Fallen, Vex and Cabal and also kills on the Moon so that is where I will start


Since none of these bounties require me to kill Majors or Ultras I’m going to just Patrol the Moon and I need to get the 50 Fallen kills as well as 20 melee kills without dying. I accepted a kill enemies Patrol mission. And completed it. The next Patrol Mission I accepted was a collection mission I need to collect fusion proxy drives from Fallen shanks After I completed that bounty, a warsat dropped from orbit. I successfully defended the warsat until it was transmitted. Now I need to kill 50 vex and 50 cabal meaning I’m going to Mars


Well on Mars I drew out a Taken Ultra in front of the Dust Palace I was successful in single-handedly taking it down.

A public event to eliminate the target has come up and although I’m the only Guardian around I’m going to try to do it. And I did it successfuly. Now I’m going to kill Vex until I get to 50 then I’m going to join someone’s party and see what he wants to do…

So we’re helping this guy get through prison of Elders because he’s a low light level but we couldn’t carry him through it so now I’m back to just myself and I’m going to go back to the Crucible because I still have bounties that need to be done.

Match 7- Control on Bannerfall, Earth

I’m in a fireteam for this game so let’s hope I get a win as well as 5 kills the without us dying and boy did we do well that game. I ended with 17 kills and a K/D ratio on 1.13 and DGMgeneral07 ended with 14 kills and 6 assists. I might actually get to play on my Warlock at this rate of completing bounties.

Match 8- Control on Firebase Delphi, Mars

I played like crap getting 8 kills and 4 captures… we actually lost a very close well fought game… but with a stat line like mine doesn’t help at all.

Match 9- Control on Firebase Delphi

I really don’t like this map that much for control… I didn’t get to zone B first but I did win my 3rd game of the day which was a bounty that I had and needed to get done.

Match 10- Control on The Drifter, The Reef

We lost that match but I did get to B first so that was good. Now all I have left to do is get 3 precision kills in one life… easier said than done.

Match 11- Control on Pantheon, Mars
I think this is going to be my last game, regardless if I get the Bounty complete or not because I’ve been playing all day and I’m frankly getting a little bored of it. We won and I had 21 kills and a K/D ratio of 1.26 so I did okay but I know that this bounty of 3 precision kills in one life is going to take a bit of luck in order to get done

And that was my Destiny run down… be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @inhumanthropoid

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Destiny 6/17/16

So I started today with a bunch of engrams to get decoded by Master Rahool and I leveled up my standing with the Cryptarchs. I’m now at 37 with them on my main which is a hunter.

After that it was time to get all of bounties and start going through them. And to also go to the Reef to get all of the Taken bounties from Petra.

All of these besides the specific Taken champion to kill can be completed on Venus as well as all of my vanguard bounties can be completed on Venus, besides the killing of 10 Hive Majors. I will farm them on the Sword of Crota mission on the Moon later. But for now I made my way to the Ishtar Cliffs on Venus

So I’m going to be going back and forth from the Ember Caves, the Shattered Coast and the Ishtar Commons because these are three areas where Taken appear and one of my bounties is to kill 10 Taken Majors

As I was on the Shattered Coast I accepted a patrol Mission which is just to kill enemies and I also benefited on the timing because there are Taken lieutenants popping up on the Shattered Coast. I however did not successfully lure out the Taken Ultra in this area. I accepted a Harvest Patrol Mission and moved on to the Ishtar Commons

After I got here there were not any taken so I’m going so I’m going to be doing the Patrol missions that are available here in the Commons and wait for them to spawn again. After going back and forth between the Commons in the Academy I finally caught the Taken and now I’ve summoned Sho’orouth, however we were not successful in defeating him before the Taken corruption subsided. Now it’s back to the Shattered Coast.

Upon arriving in the Shattered Coast I killed one Taken lieutenant which was enough to summon the taken zealot. After defeating Grayonis, the Baroness on Venus I returned to orbit and went to the Cosomodrome to hunt Darnu, the Horn of Oryx. Who can be found in the Divide.

Upon arriving I accepted a patrol mission to kill enemies. And I completed it on my way to the the Divide to camp to wait for the Taken to arrive. While I was waiting for the Taken to spawn a public event started in which we have to destroy a Fallen Walker. Guardians were camping waiting for the Taken to arrive and The Walker was killed in a matter of minutes. A few minutes later that the Taken arrived and after successfully killing all of the lieutenants we drew out Darnu and when you have 4 guardians all attacking one Taken Ultra it’s a very easy kill. Now I accepted a patrol mission which is to kill taken because I still have to kill a hundred of them for the bounty for the Queen.

Now that I’ve completed all of the Taken bounties it’s time that I went to moon to play the Sword of Crota mission 2 or 3 times.

After I did this I spent sometime on apps and Facebook trying to find a Fireteam to do the Challenge of Elders with me… since it’s Friday and I’ve only gone through it once this week.


I was able to get a fireteam together in the 100 app.  the first round was against Keksis the Betrayed. Although I’m constantly dying we did defeat him with a score of around 4,000 which is it wasn’t that bad but it could have been better now we’re starting round 2 which is where I had the problem last time because the people I was playing with didn’t understand the game mechanics of it hopefully this time will be better. This time went so much smoother where everybody was attacking the right person with the right power we ended the second round with a score of 12,000 which again isn’t great but it’s better than I was doing the last time. Unfortunately we didn’t get the high score but we came close to scoring 28,000

We are going to run it again in hopes of getting the high score and because we need to do it again and probably another time after this to get the cumulative score of 90,000

The rounds are all the same as before it goes Keksis, then Val Aru’run and finally the Seditious Mind. This time I’m going to try to not constantly die like last time. We did much better this time ending the round with 5000 points setting us up in a good position to hit the high score of 30000

We finish this round with 13000 point so I think it’ll be close but I think I think that we can complete the high score. While killing the Seditious Mind I had Three Of Coins activated and it dropped two Exotic engrams an exotic chest piece and an exotic heavy weapon but we scored 29860 so I have to do it again because the high score is 30000 and my fireteam bailed on me. So instead of trying to find another one I’m going to start on my Crucible bounties.


By the way the exotics that I got were both already owned by me at some point so no new grimorie cards..

Match 1- Rumble on The Cauldron, The Moon
I’m playing Rumble because it’s the daily match which is rewarded with legendary marks and plus I have two Crucible bounties what I need to kill seven people in one match as well as kill three people that were already damaged by another Guardian. I didn’t win but I did collect the legendary marks and I didn’t get the Mine! Bounty so I’m playing it again.

Match 2- Rumble on The Anamoly the Moon

All I need to do in this game is kill somebody who’s already been damaged by another Guardian I finished in third place and I did get the Bounty that I was going after. I finished with 15 kills

Match 3- Control on The Drifter. The Reef
I’m playing Control because it’s my favorite match and I also need one more heavy kill with a rocket launcher for a Gunsmith Bounty. We lost and I did poorly but at least I got my rocket launcher kill.

I joined up with a fireteam thinking that they were going to do the Challenge of Elders but instead we’re doing Skolas so I’m going to stick with them and play through this because I’ve always wanted to beat Skolas but I haven’t done it yet and with Skolas and we need to communicate so I’m going to be wearing my headset we got to Skolas but a fire team member left and since we can’t do it with just two people we decided to leave.

I’m joining in on a fireteam who is already in the Challenge of Elders. For joining in mid game I think we did okay but we still didn’t break 30,000 we had 26,000 so now my cumulative score is now over 90,000 but I still have to get the high score

I joined an event on the 100 app for Challenge of Elders it’s suppose to start at 5 but before that I have to claim a House Of Judgement reward for increasing my reputation with them to level 6


The reward for the weekly cumulative score was a pair of 335 gauntlets and for reaching rank 6 I got a 330 cloak

So now the only thing I need is the high score. And it’s now 5:05 and I’m in orbit with one guy who applied to the 100 app… And now we had a 3rd person join in but they didn’t understand that our score was too low to keep on going and they finished the first round with a score of 720.

So now I’m so aggravated I don’t even really want to play the game anymore.

Okay I think finally after all of the stress of trying to put together a fireteam I think we finally got one we’re going to start I joined this guy on the 100 app because he said he’s going to melee all the adds and then attack the main guy and his strategy seems to be working because we are at 3000 points already and we have another round or two of adds. We successfully defeated Keskis as well as racking up 7000 points in one round and I also got an exotic engram. We’re going into round 3 with 18000 points so I’m very confident in the fact that I’m going to get the high score finally. We finished with a score of 42000 so that is 12000 more than I needed

And for winning the high score I received a 335 fusion rifle which I infused into my Patience and Time Sniper Rifle. I also upgraded my ranking with the Cryptarchs to Level 38


And this wraps up my daily Destiny run down… I know I didn’t get to play a lot of Crucible today but I wanted to use the day I get to play the most to finish all of the weekly things. Follower me on Twitter and Instagram @inhumanthropoid if you are interested in buying the new Destiny expansion pack please click the link below to buy The Lords Of Iron


Destiny 6/16/16


So I’m starting off at the Tower because I have a New Monarchy rep gift to claim as well a Crucible rep gift to claim.


For reaching level 31 with New Monarchy I was gifted with 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and a 330 shotgun. The shotgun is going into the vault. And now I’m going to claim all of my Crucible bounties and that should get me to level 36 with them.

For reaching 36 I was gifted 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light and 330 gloves which will also be going into the Vault

All of my Vanguard Bounties can be completed on the Moon so that is where I am going to start my day.


One of my bounties is to generate orbs of light so I’m going to be playing as a nightstalker playing on the moon it has sn advantage for my Vanguard bounties. I have to kill 50 Fallen and kill 10 Hive majors which can both be done on patrol in the on the moon. My first Patrol mission is to collect an item from Fallen Dregs and while I was playing a warsat dropped in on my position so now I’m going to join the public event of defending the warsat this should give me give me my 50 Fallen kills rather easily. Along with two other Guardians we successfully transmitted the warsat and were rewarded with a 3 gold star tier on completing the public event I’m now going to farm my hive Major kills by going through the building with the Dome on it to the to the Temple of Crota which always spawns two Hive Majors. In between farming the knights I accepted a mission to kill a high-value Target which happens to be a hive ogre which means that he will be a major. I used my shadow shot on the ogre to kill him. I made my way back to The Tempo entrance to farm the Hive Majors. As I was killing the two Hive Major Knights I completed the generating 20 orbs of light bounty which means I’m going to switch from a nightstalker to a blade dancer so the bladedancer can get the 30 super kills much more quickly. I’ve accepted another high-value Target quest which is a hive wizard which is good for me. On my way out of the Temple of crota after killing the hive wizard I intercepted a transmission which means I have three specific actions to do and the first one is getting Precision kills. The second objective was to dance so I did that and now another warsat has dropped and I’m on my way there to start the public event. It appears that the last mission is to gather materials which I will do after after the public event is over. I got a 3-tier gold rating and completed that by myself. I accepted another easy Patrol Mission which is just to kill enemies while I’m trying to find my way back to the farm spot. Now I only need one super kill to complete the bounty so I’m going to accept the harvesting mission. The Patrol mission is to harvest induction rods from Fallen Vandals. After I completed that mission I also completed the 30 super kill bounties so now I’m returning to orbit and I’m going to start playing The Crucible for today


Match 1- Clash on Black Shield, Phobos

I’ve started on Bravo Team on this map. The thing is with this map in clash there’s no real strategy to use it since there’s no objective but in Control it’s all about controlling the outside the inside doesn’t matter at all. Alpha picked up both both of the heavy weapons which is not good. The other team had the best player in the match I did well enough and my team did well enough to win I ended with 21 kills and 15 deaths of getting me a K/D ratio of 1.4

I’m trying to get a fireteam together for a bounty where both of us need to finish in the top three of our team on a 6 on 6 match.Even with being a part of one clan and friends with another one and using the 100 app I’m getting no where with finding a fireteam. This sucks because I’ve been trying to be sociable in the gaming community but even with all the friends that I have made its still rough to find a fireteam sometimes. I even posted in both of the Destiny PS4 groups on Facebook I am in so we will see what happens.

Match 3- Control on Pantheon, Mars
I finally found somebody to be a part of my fireteam and we’re playing control because it’s the easiest one to get a high score on. Right now he’s doing a lot better than me. We have C but we just cannot take control of B. We lost my teammate was amazing with 33 kills and a K/D ratio of 2.06. I had eight kills. I did however end up with an exotic engram

Match 4- Control on Vertigo
Although my fireteam mate destroyed the last round, I did not place in the top three therefore we have to play another match; the bounty needs both of us to finish in the top three. We did awesome that round he finished first and I came in second I finished with 15 kills and seven captures.

Match 5- Inferno 6v6 on Widow’s Court, Earth

The reason I’m playing Inferno is because it’s the weekly Match which gives legendary marks as well as Sterling Treasury. The match was control and I ended with 10 kills and nine captures. Although we lost I did receive a sterling treasure but I did not receive the legendary marks

Match 6- Inferno 6v6 on Shores of Time, Venus
This will be my last match for for a while since I have a physical therapy appointment that I need to get ready for it and I don’t know if I’ll be able to play again today or tonight. I’m on Bravo and I’m doing the best out of everybody right now this is a very close game with the lead going back and forth every second. We ended up losing and again. I did not receive the legendary marks. I finished with 13 kills and 13 deaths with an equal kill death ratio of 1.0

And this wraps up my daily Destiny play through if you liked it please follow my blog and add me on PSN inhumANthropoid. If you are interested in buying the newest Destiny expansion pack please click the link below to purchase The Lords Of Iron


Destiny 6/15/16


Okay so now I’m going to be talking and my cell phone is recording me on Google Voice as I play so hopefully this will make it easier to do and I’ll be able to get more in-depth the Vanguard bounties as well as have more detail in my Crucible matches.


So I’m starting on Mars because most of the Vanguard bounties that I have can be completed on Mars besides the one where I have to kill 10 Hive majors. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to try to kill Vex because of the gunsmith bounties that I have then after that I’m going to focus on cabal because I need to kill 50 of them for a bounty and then after that I’m going to be focusing on getting solar ability kills and then void ability kills. After I finished killing and and acquiring resources on Mars I decided to hang around the first spawn area because the taken have started coming in but we did we didn’t kill enough of the majors spawn the taken champion so now I’m going to continue to kill vex with my hand Cannon for the armsday bounty and kill and cabal with my solar grenades. I’m going to go to the cosmodrome on Earth because after I finish the armor breaker Bounty I have to kill fallen and Fallen captains with certain weapons for the gunsmith and it’s easier to do it on Earth than any other place after completing a public event more taken have shown up so now I’m going to try to kill them and their captains to draw out of their major this time we were successful and drawing out the champion which was a blighted descendant. We were successful in defeating him and I received a reciprocal rune for it. At Freehold station I was able to summon another blighted descendant assisted in defeating him but I was not rewarded with anything so now that I finished the armor breaker Bounty I’m going to go to the cosmodrome.


Here on the Cosmodrome I’m going to complete my two arms day bounties which include killing Fallen and killing Fallen captains after that I’m going to go to the Moon and replay the Sword Of Crota mission over and over again killing Hive Majors which is my last remaining Vanguard bounty. To grind out my Fallen captains I have to kill with my sniper rifle I’m simply killing the one on the way to the Skywatch in the Mothyards and then hopping on my sparrow and going to the Forgotten Shore on my way to the Forgotten Shore, a warsat dropped so now I’m in the public event of defending the warsat with two other people it was completed so I got the three gold stars and a gold rating for the public event the only gunsmith quests I have left to do is use a rocket launcher in The Crucible I finished the rest of the weekly gunsmith bounties as well as upgrading my reputation to 10 with him so I have to wait to see what my reward is. But first I need to kill 10 Hive Majors which I’m going to do on the Moon in the mission The Sword Of Crota which has at least 4 majors in it. I’m going to be repeating this mission until I get the bounty completed.


After I completed the Hive major bounty I’m heading back to the Tower to collect my gunsmith reward and to start my Crucible bounties


The gunsmith gave me an emblem, 500 glimmer and a 330 hand cannon which is going into the vault


Now I’m going to start on my Crucible bounties

Match 1- Skirmish on Firebase Delphi, Mars
I really like this map because it has areas separated by doors. I had one guardian down and I was trying to lure the other ones to revive him but I guess the other guy had better aim I double killed two of them with the Scout rifle the other with a grenade I finally completed the bounty fot killing two people with one Golden Gun activation and now this match is just about getting my Scout rifle kills it’s not about winning since its 3 on 2. We lost badly. I did however complete the Featured Matches bounty.

I just had an opportunity to join some people in the Challenge of Elders so I’m going to do that and hold of on the crucible for a bit.


I have 3 bounties to do in the challenge of Elders they include creating orbs of light getting grenade kills and kill enemies and of course I’m just starting off a scorecard and I need to get a high score of 30,000 in the Challenge of Elders and also a total score of 90,000. This first round is versus Kesis the Betrayed. We completed the first round with a score of 2930 which is really low so we have to make it up in the next round. This round is Against Val Aru’run. I don’t like saying this but the people I’m playing with just don’t understand the basic concept of attacking one thing with a certain power (meaning void, arc, or solar) it looks like we finally understood how the hell the game works we are doing very poorly so I doubt that we’re going to get the high score in this game. The next round is a taken Hydra I don’t believe that there’s any certain kind of attack pattern that we need to have. Okay so now we finally decided to play with microphones so we can talk to each other I think we’ve decided to play again since we since we didn’t get the high score

After that poor game in the challenge of Elders we ran a strike which is was the one where you have to kill a shank that infiltrated Rasputin’s bunker now since the one guy left I am going to continue on doing the Crucible bounties


Match 2- Control on Twilight Gap, Earth

I’m on Alpha team the reason I’m playing control is because of a bounty that I have I have to finish in the top 3 players on a 6 on 6 mat h as well as getting at least six Scout rifle kills possibly 9 and I have to win a control match as part of one of the weekly bounties I did win but played sub pad with 10 kills and 5 captures and a K/D ratio of .52

Match 3- Clash on The Moon
I started in the middle of this match so I’m not sure what map I’m on on the moon I just know that I’m on there and I started on the losing team so this should be fun. I need to get at least 6 Scout rifle kills, and a precision throwing knife kill and to come in the top three on my team we lost this battle but I’m not going to comment on my kill to death ratio since I’ve since I joined the game mid mid match

Match 4- Clash on the Timekeeper, Mars
At least this time I’m starting a brand new match on Alpha team… and not only did we win, I got the 9 kills with a scout rifle bounty and I think I had a positive k/d ratio in that one.

Match 5- Skirmish on Black Shield, Phobos

Me and Cinamatic held it down in that round going at least 10 kills each and finishing one and two on our team. We won.

Match 6- Skirmish on The Timekeeper

Me and Cinamatic again on alpha team and we pulled a come from behind win thanks to me and my 6 kill streak and going 10 for 17. And  now all I have left to do for the weeklies is 10 Hand Cannon kills and 10 Auto Rifle kills.

I played matches after this one and completed all of my crucible bounties and weekly bounties… I couldn’t keep a record of the matches because my phone was charging and I wasn’t able to sit next to it while it was charging. I hope that you guys enjoy this blog more since I was able to talk and describe what I was doing.


My Destiny Report 6/14/16


I’m waiting for the update to download which is taking forever because it’s still preparing to download and it’s a 63% of that and I’m going to pause it and restart it shortly because this is taking far too long for a PS4 that is wired into the FIOS router. It’s strange because my test connection speed was 100 MBps yet it’s dragging ass downloading a 13 GB update to the point where it hasn’t even started to download it yet.


And after waiting for it to download… the servers are still offline!!!


So this is my Destiny update… I waited for over 40 minutes to download something just to find out that the servers are still off line. I can’t wait around all day just to play a video game and Bungie has really ticked me off today.

After waiting for an ungodly amount of time the servers are finally up and I’m able to play the game… I’m doing the Vanguard bounties which can mostly be done on the Cosmodrome. Except the kill 50 Cabal which can only be done on Mars or the Dreadnought; I’m going to do this on the Dreadnought. After I completed the Armor Breaker bounty I decided to run through some of my Runes in the Court of Oryx. I used a reciprocal rune to summon Vorlog the hive knight which just has multiple shields you have to get through to kill him. I presented another one to summon Lokaar which was easily defeated. I used another one to summon Krughor the orger that has s shield up until a cursed thrall is killed next to him. He was defeated easily. I used another one to summon the two knights whose shields weaken when they’re close to each other and they were defeated easily but as I completed the vanguard bounties I ranked up with that faction to level 24 so it’s back to the Tower to see what Cayde has for me.


And for ranking up with the Vanguard I was gifted 500 glimmer, 4 strange coins, 4 motes of light, a legendary ship and a 330 Not Like The Others scout rifle. And with all of the Vanguard bounties completed it’s time to focus on the Crucible

Match 1- Rumble on The Drifter. The Reef

I didn’t fair too well until I went on a 5 kill streak after picking up the Heavy Ammo drop. I went 11 for 14 and I owe a lot of those kills for getting the heavy ammo drop. I completed one of my crucible bounties as well. Killing 7 players in the Rumble play list

Match 2- Rumble on The Timekeeper, Mars
I lost but I went 18 and 15 and came in 2nd place… earning the Distinguished Rumbler bounty as well Bullet Grouping Expert Bounty. I also leveled up in the Crucible to rank 35

Match 3- Rift on Cathedral of Dusk, the Dreadnought
I’m playing Rift because the weekly bounty from Shaxx has Rift as one of the game modes I need to win in. I activated a 3OC for this match. And we won but no exotic engram dropped. I had 14 kills and completed the bounty for 3 matches with 6 pulse rifle kills.

And now I’m on my back to the Tower to see Lord Shaxx to receive my reward for leveling up in the Crucible.


And I got a pair of 330 boots that are going into the vault I also ranked up with Cryptarch but didn’t get anything good for reaching rank 36


And that’s wraps up NY day of playing Destiny although it was short because of Scumbag Bungie